Favorite album/song/bandmember/moment of the strokes

Jun 13

Favorite album/song/bandmember/moment of the strokes

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Whats your favorite album?
is this it?(my fav)
room on fire?
First impressions of Earth?

Song?(someday for me)

Fab?(my favorite)

moment(omg i cant think of one, screw it...just put as many as u want) :D :D :D

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Favorite album: FIOE
Favorite song: So many... too many.. cant decide.
Member: probably Jules or Fab, but they are all amazing.
Moment: The whole in transit video.

Album: Is This It

Song: Juicebox

Band Member: Julian and Fab

Moment: "Welcome to Hosted by The Strokes, We are your hosts The Strokes"

um, errrr- ALL OF THE ALBUMS N THEM!!! :oops:

Favorite moment: Julian practically putting the camera up his ass... :lol:

Thanks for all of the moments, guys. I laughed a lot in recollection. Another (and I forget who said it, but it's from In Transit): Where are all the fuckin' leprechauns?; And: What about my kids Ryan? (your memory will take you from there. Or it should. If not, watch the aforementioned In Transit. Now!)

As for the rest, well, I'm too indecisive.

Ah but wait! (I had to edit): "Yo bitch, yo bitch"

[b][color=#FF0040]Album[/color]:[/b] Is This It
[b][color=#FF0040]Song[/color]:[/b] Last Night
[b][color=#FF0040]Bandmember[/color]:[/b] Nick
[b][color=#FF0040]Moment[/color]:[/b] Jules kicks mic stand on MTV

[quote="Lazer Maniqui"][quote="seshat"]

* When Ashley/Seatle1251 received a male porn video instead of a copy of In Transit from Alone, Together. :lol:[/quote]

Yes, really! :lol:

She's too wholesome for gay porn.

Fav. album: FIOE

Fav. song: Hard to Explain

Member: Torn between Jules & Albert, but all of them are equally stroketacular!

Moment: In Transit were Fab & the mouldy peaches are singing in the bus and Julian grabs Ryan's head and says "Like a Son! I ADORED YOU LIKE A SON!" :lol: or Albert and Julian playing battleships with Julians funny laugh :D

For Me :

Album Is This It

Song Trying Your Luck

Member Nick Valensi

favorite album: room on fire
favorite song: you only live once,the end has no end, last nite
Favorite member; Jules and albert
favorite moment: the in transit movie


* When Ashley/Seatle1251 received a male porn video instead of a copy of In Transit from Alone, Together. :lol:[/quote]

Whats your favorite album?
They're all freaking amazing. ROF and ITI are closeeee but I think ROF is their best.

Song? Jeez what a hard question. I just went over some in my head but I really cant decide at all.

Member? (coolest to least coolest, though they're all cool anyways)
1. Fab & Julian (tied)
2. Nick & Albert (tied)
3. Nikolai

moment? the in transit video? it was cool to see them all natural like that

[b]album:[/b] i don't know. i can't pick. maybe room on fire.
[b]song:[/b] automatic stop, for sure. i can listen to it all day and not get tired of it. and also perhaps the modern age or electricityscape as a tied second favorite, although i'm not thinking about this in depth enough.
[b]band member:[/b] julian, and albert, although i have nothing against fab, nik, and nick.
[b]moment:[/b] "in my ass, where it belongs."

Fav alb: FIOE
Fav song: YOLO
Fav mem: Jules, Nikolai, Nick, Albert, Fab (no particular order)
Fav moments: In Transit video when they were pushing the van; Jules drunk & bumping into everything (in concert)

is this it/barely legal/julian/when julian falls over on letterman


album: is this it
song: barely legal
member: Albert
moment: unknown......so much to choose from! :)

album: Is This It
Song: Barely Legal
Member: FAB
Moment: eh, there are many

Album: Room On Fire
Song: Either 12:51, Automatic Stop, Someday, Or I Can't Win
Member: They're All Awesome But Jules, And Albert Are My Favorite
Moment: Basically The Whole In Transit Movie


* Someday

* Nigel

* When Ashley/Seatle1251 received a male porn video instead of a copy of In Transit from Alone, Together. :lol:

first impressions of the earth
:lol: :lol:

wow all the dead threads are coming back

album-Room On Fire
Song-Red Light
Moment-take it or leave it on Letterman

Album : is this it
Song : Sagganuts
Bandmember: i Cant Choose, probs Nick or Fab
Moment : fab singing the bucket, on hosted by the strokes

1-Is this it?
2-Room on fire
3-FIOE (It's in the last place but i still love it!)

Song: I really don't have one. I love them all!! It depends on the time of the day, my mood, etc.

Band member: They're all SO awesome!!
moment: "Can we smoke in here?"

Album: Is this it?
Song: Someday/You Only Live Once
Bandmember: Julian & Albert
Moment: When Julian, Albert & Ryan are dancing and Jules is singing "just the three of us"

favorite moment:
"Like a son... I adored you LIKE A SON!!!"
-Julian Casablancas

Favourite Album - FIOE

Favourite Song - On The Other Side

Favourite Member - Julian Casablancas

Favourite Moments - "Where is my mind? Where is my..haha...It's not pissed thank god", "Thanks to all the people that voted and bla, bla, bla, have a good night", "It shal go in, oh yes, it shal", "That was brilliant...and now it all falls apart."

wat bass does nikolai use?

Goshhh I like them all, this is tough.
I'm gonna go with Room on Fire, if i reaaaaaally had to choose but I really want to say all three.

Depends on my mood.
UGH, you cant give a big Strokes fan that question, lol.

1. Julian
2. Fab
3. Nick/Albert
4. Nikolai
that's my order! =] I love them all though, even Nikolai tho he's last.
This band wouldnt be the same at all even if like 1 left.

Favorite Album - Room on Fire

Favorite Song - Someday

Favorite Band Member - Ryan Gentles

Favorite Moment - "Film mine...for it shall go in. Oh yes, it shall."

Album: Is This It

Song: Soma

Bandmember: Julian

Moment: In Transit- Hello Ze Strokes!!!!!!!!

Album: ROF
Song: Alone Together
Band Member: Jules
Moment: When Julian throws down the mic while performing Take It Or Leave It on Letterman

Favorite album: Is This It
Favorite song: What ever happened?
Favorite Bandmember: Nick
Favorite Moment: all in transit and hosted by the strokes, hahaha

I don't know about my favorite moment but my favorie album is definitively Is this It, favorite song Trying your luck, and favorite member Nikolai

Favorite album - Is This It
Favorite song - reptilia
Favorite Bandmember - they all have their moments
Favorite Moment - Nikolai running away in airport after wrestling albert

Album: Is This It?
Song: This would have to be a tie between "Soma" and "Hard to Explain".
Band member: They're all equally cool.
Moment: After playing their opener in Chicago two years ago, Julian said to the crowd, "Art, our sound guy, just told me that sounded like shit. Thanks, Art."

I don't know what could be my favourite moment...but my favourite album is Room on fire,the songs are (is very difficult to choose only one song!)Reptilia,What ever happened,Heart in a cage and...New York city cops!!and I love Julian... :D

Whats your favorite album : Room on Fire

Song : reptilia

Member : Jules jules jules !!!

Moment : "like a son... I adore you like a son"

fat pants.

album: sometimes is this it, sometimes room on fire. i like first impressions but i can't ever say it's my favorite.
song: under control, someday, 12:51. but it really depends on when you ask me.
band member: julian and nikolai
moment: their performance of "under control" on conan o'brien, hammerstein ballroom 3/4/06 (the only strokes concert i've been to), various parts of in transit

My favorite album: Is This It
My favorite song is Hard To Explain
I don't have a favorite band member, I love them all!
And my favorite moment? I don't now...

my favorite album: ITI

my song: Trying Your Luck

Member: Fab

Moment: "were we the sporty guys? heh... no."

my favorite album is room on fire
my favorite song is the end has no end
my favorite band memeber is nick
i dont hav a favorite moment

favorite album: is this it

song: Trying your luck, juicebox

member: nick

moment: in some japanese television interview, nick describes fab as the latin lover of the band. The interviewer says: So fab is doing a love thing? How fab reacts is the best strokes moment.

Whats your favorite album : Room on Fire

Song : Under Control

Member : Nikolai!

Moment : In Santa Barbara 2006 when someone thru a shoe @ Jules. He stoped singing and said "You missed me spazz" Lol!

haha yeah !! that was sooo funny!!
mmm fav album = room on fire
song= alone, together
bandmember= albert
moment= julian smackin a camera in V festival while playing last nite!

Favorite moment:When Jules missed the shot in "In Transit" and he yelled out NOOOOOOO WHYYYYY POOORRQQUUEE??!?!

haha ya that was fuuny. and fabrizio was like"my mom thought it was me when they showed the gay guy in the bathroom"

my favorite album at the moment has to be "is this it?"

my song: take it or leave it

Member: jules

Moment:hmmm...idk maybe when they were watching the "juicebox" video :D

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