The strokes and Regina Spektor!

Jun 15

The strokes and Regina Spektor!

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Laughing out loud ¡ I love this song! Regina's voice is awesome, and with The Strokes OMG! One of my favorite.

julian's and regina's voices sound amazing togetherrrr <3

They did another song with her I read about in an article with gordon raphael. It was called "when dogs get embarrased". He also apparently produced and found her and then introduced her to the strokes. I dont know where to find the songs anywhere.

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This is one of my favorites. Absolutely rapturing (not sure if that made sense? ha. but you know what I mean. hopefully.) to listen to.

[quote="katiekat"]honestly, when i first heard this song, i really really hated it. but it grew on me!!!!
i love it now. a lot.
best B-side.[/quote]
exactly my thought.
The combination of their voices in the first part of the song is fantastic

i dont like it...i LOVE it their voice are wel attached. hope they do another duet together and i have to say the best b-side of all time.. :D

It's my favorite Strokes song but that video sucks.
I hope you have a better way to listen to Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men.

its a great song!

I wouldn't say it's great live (Regina's fault, I think... not enough input),
but in the studio it kickc ass, second best B-side! (first is Sagganuts)

honestly, when i first heard this song, i really really hated it. but it grew on me!!!!
i love it now. a lot.
best B-side.

i love the "oh yes we're falllllling down" break-down bit, awesome!

I heard this song awhile ago. I love both Regina and the Strokes, but I didn't think the song was going to turn out as well as it did! It's brilliant. :D

i like ittttt!

I love the sound of the song great...vibe :P

Regina and Julian's voices compliment each other really well.

I really love that song. I didn't know Regina Spektor before I heard that, now I'm a fan. Modern Girls is one of my favorite

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