The New Original "What Are You Wearing?" Thread

Jun 18

The New Original "What Are You Wearing?" Thread

Posted by JitterBug on

old old old old Interpol t shirt
PJ pants

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birthday suit

Why do I even answer this?? eh, what a hell! I´m a dancer, on my way to a performance!!

so I´m wearing a black body, skirt and leg-warmers ooh soooo sexy!

Oversized gray sleeveless sweater,skin tight skinny jeans,red converse and white over sized glasses.
I guess it's pretty vintage-y.

A rollings stones t-shirt, skinny jeans and cons

A black bathrobe with lots of pink and white stars on it and frilly short sleeves.


No, fo' reals.

a t-shirt, an old jeans and my converse :D

[color=#00BF00]many clothes
i´m cold :? :? [/color]


television t-shirt, old vintage jeans, macbeth, and old school glasses

[quote="Celtic Thunder"][img][/img]

I dig it.

A t-shirt, levis, and chucks. Simple. =D

As Strokes fan i must admit that i wear Leather jacket, Vintage jeans and Converse shoes pretty Stroke-ish... :D



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