the Strokes Gear... [guitars.amps.pedals.etc]

Jun 18

the Strokes Gear... [guitars.amps.pedals.etc]

Posted by cjb88 on

This was a really big topic on the old strokes site and for new fans that want to know what gear the boys use, there questions will just end up lost in 'general chat'.

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I like this..Check this out <a href="">Press Release Service</a>.

what are the amp settings for the DeVille??

and does anybody knows what the effect is for 12: 51 ?

thanks a lot

[url][/url] :cry:

does anybody know were can i buy the Gibson P-94R & P-94T pickups that Nick use?

Does anyone kno where I could buy the Thomastik-Infeld George Benson Series .012-.052 gauge strings that they use?

i also agree but after finding what kind of guitar nick use i start searching for places were i could buy it, but doesn't tells you were to find that specific guitar only tells you were to find epiphone stuff. so if anyone knows were can i find the epiphone riviera similar to the one that nick has please help. :)

oh rad.
does anyone know about nikolai's setup and strings?

12's? they're outta their fcking trees man. i use 10's. strings don't affect your tone [i]too[/i] much though.

Thomastik-Infeld George Benson Series .012-.052 gauge strings

So does anybody know about what strings Nick and Albert use?

Sweeet! Thanks man :D

[img][/img] [img][/img]

[b]GIBSON make the straps and i found them for sale on here... [/b]

- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]

[b]... just Google 'Gibson Lightning Guitar Strap' and it'll find more.[/b]

This might not be the right place to ask this, but does anyone know what kind of guitar strap Albert uses? I'm talking about that red one with white lightening bolts on it. And maybe know where they are purchase-able?

Nick has started using a different distortion which I believe is a Vox Cooltron Bulldog Distortion a tremolo pedal and a Carr amplifier.

some i found in the forum

Gain at 3
Treble at 8
Mid at 4
Bass at 3
And just a hint of reverb at 2.5ish

Heres an e-mail Albert sent to a fan who asked this years ago,
i saved it to my p.c when i heard they were gonna mess around with the message board...

"hey man,

for my sound i use the green jekyll a lot drive at 9 oclock tone 5
oclock volume at is drived at 10.30 tone at 8 eq at 7
volume at 2 oclock

nicks distortion for the end has no end is amp distortion on the neck
pick up with the tone robe rolled all the way off...have fun if u have
any question write back

albert jr."

I know they both use a Visual sound Jekyll&Hyde, MXR Micro Amp and a Boss TU-2 and nick use this to :a Vox cooltron pedal bulldog distortion

Demeter TRM-1 Tremulator.

I'm definitely interested in knowing more about their gear.

2x12" Fender Hot Rod DeVille, used with Fender 4x12" extension cabinets during live shows. :D
same for Albert too.

oo. great topic.. happy to find that :)
yesterday i was wondering about Nick's guitar, and i found [url][/url]

now i'm wondering about the amp ;)

totally agree


I agree! I'm interested!!!

i'll agree to this one. i wasn't a member of the old board and have been waiting for this new one for such a long time.

i'm interested in knowing what gear they use on stage. i wonder if anyone will even read this.

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