strokes merch...

Jul 31

strokes merch...

Posted by cess721 on

i know there are a lot of people who will criticize this but i just have to say it. The Strokes should really go back to making the shoes laces w 'the strokes' written on them available again. i got them when i was in the fan club a long time ago and i still have them but i keep hoping they would bring them back. i know they would sell :D

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ye great idea! id buy:)

i would just want different kinds of shirts and shoelaces sound nice Tongue

I wish they'd restock the yellow chrome baseball jerseys in small or extra small or something. They're cool.

talking about strokes merch do u know where i can buy more strokes merchandise like tees, posters, cd's, jackets, etc... it's because i post a topic, but people just keep giving me the address to buy the jacket that julian has, and i meant like official strokes merch. :)

thats sounds great, i know i'll buy one.

Haha, those sound awesome, I would definitely buy those. Any chance you have a picture of the ones you have?

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