who is meeting in the bathroom??

Aug 11

who is meeting in the bathroom??

Posted by mia on

i know the guys sad it's not courtney, but there is just to many coincidences in the songs (MMIB and but julian, i'm a little bit older than you))...
what do you think?

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yeah its not courtney love i saw an interview where they asked him and hes was like "no i have never met courtney love in a bathroom" haha. I know everybody likes to think that songs are about the song writers life but really for the most part i dont think they are with jules. ive seen him in interviews where they're like "explain this song" and he has no clue. I think its more city youth in general, not his own personal experience. but maybe im wrong. all i know for sure is i would LOVE to meet julian fernando casablancas in a bathroom. : )

they got that from true romance they fell inlove with their alter ego and then their on going relationship have their fall out and make outs ;)

maybe hes not meeting anyone!
cause not always the lyrics mean something

like in 15 mintues:
"It was all just a dream, Oh no
Yet I wish it was real
All my pets they were there and they smiled
Take a shit, it was fine"

hmm, did his pets really smile? :?: probably not
but i dont know
he could be meeting someone

yeah...maybe...probably...but, it's more interesting this way :P
i meant because of "meat me in the beDroom" thingy

You know, it's an interesting point of view, thinking it's Courtney :)

But maybe just some random girl...

does anybody know what i'm talking about or it's just not that interesting? :? :geek:

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