Will there even be a 4th album?

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Will there even be a 4th album?

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I have been a strokes fan since the first cd. I love the sound and i love everything they have released after that album. I must admit, my favorite album is probably FIOE! I love the songwriting and the music, and to be honest, i think they are one of the best bands around today. Now all that is strictly my opinion. Im happy to see everyone excited about the 4th album but im beginning to wonder, will there even be a 4th album. With all these side projects (dont get me wrong, i love albert hammond jrs music) its starting to look like some of the band members are getting bored with the strokes and doing their own thing. And like i said i love the strokes but i must admit, im not a big fan of the converse song with Julian, Santogold and Pharrel. And i like Pharrel! ALOT! but heres the way im putting it. I like cheeseburger, and i like ice cream, but i dont want cheeseburger flavored ice cream. I think the strokes are talented on thier own. I dont want them to sound like the strokes influenced by some trendy producer! I want to hear the music they make on thier own creativity! And i keep hearing they are going to get together around the end of the year. THERE ARE ONLY 2 MONTHS LEFT! Fab is just about to start his tour and Albert hasnt even come to the states for his COMO TE LLAMA tour! Are the strokes going to get together within the next two months? does anyone have any confirmation that they will for a fact get back and make a 4th album? Man i love the strokes, they are my favorite band, i just hope they come back and keep doin what they do, no interference!

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dont worry there will deffenetly be a fourth album. last saturday my brother met Fab at the Little Joy concert in chicago. Fab said The Strokes are going into the studio in febuary and that he was excided.

there will definately be a fourth album and probably a fifth. so everyone needs to chill and just let them make there music.

i agree with both but dont even remind other strokes fans out there wth this if it actually happens i dont know which band would i worship (i was thinking slipknot)[color=#000000][quote][quote][code][/code][/quote][/quote][/color]

Yea I understand you! :D Seriously, with these side projects it sounds like the group are getting sick of each other. I love their music, they shouldn't split apart! :(

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