Birthday gifts!

Nov 05

Birthday gifts!

Posted by Kyle on

Hello people!
yesterday it was my birthday and what did I receive?!!


OMG, I'm so fucking happy!

if you wanna share what kind of gifts have you receive for your birthdays, be my guest...

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Birthday gifts are all like surprises, we all wait for the day to come and very enthusiastic to know who are giving what gifts. Gift can be in form of love, object and being. Or it can be musical too, you got to receive Music in form of CDs or instruments. One of the best and an uncommon gift what I remember for one of my friend was that he received a package of musical classes completely free for a period of a year!! Isn't that great ?

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[quote="Haphazard chick"]oh, stupid oranges... at least they helped me to not get sick that often.[/quote]

That's a myth that vitamin C prevents colds. It strengthens the immune system which helps you avoid colds, but it doesn't mean you're not going to get sick anyway. Believe me, I know.

cinnamon bun mix

oh, stupid oranges... at least they helped me to not get sick that often.

cinnamon bun mix.

I guess you were used to oranges too.

The best gift in such a looooong time

:D :lol:

No, real as in is it was one of the few gifts that I remember that was special to me. I would say too bad that I didn't wait to get a DVD player, but that's ok by me. Now I just watch my DVDs on my Mac, depending if I'm home or not, or if I want to keep what I'm watching to myself or not.

"Real" like in "pricey" ?

Hmmm, okay.

Just an orange? Tough break. Then again, I haven't got a "real" present since I was 16, 8 years ago. And that was a TV and VCR. I don't watch much TV anymore so I just gave it to my mum.

Spoilt kids.

We were lucky if we only had an orange.

lucky !!
the closest i got to the iphone is an ipod touch , i can't complain is a good device!

huuum.... I think I will post a pic of my latest BD gift soon.

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