"In Her Prime" should be re-recorded

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"In Her Prime" should be re-recorded

Posted by Dash on

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I wouldl voe ot see In Her Prime on a record. I think some of the best strokes songs aren't on any if their albums or are on b-sides of singles

Clear Skies
Hawaii Aloha
Rhythm Song
Modern Girls & Old-Fashion Men

all great songs

that would be great it has the same good feel as is this it?-the album that got me into them
but i agree with everyone else it should be recorded with the same effects on julians voice
that are in all the other songs. other than that im pretty happy with it i hope it gets on.

yeah Jules has a different voice on this once (maybe because he was younger ?)
my sister says it sounds like The Rolling Stones LOL
why not lol

I think that they should record clear skies. Thats a great song.

That's quite good, doesn't sound like Julian but it's still good

yeah i agree, and maybe the lyrics should be touched up a little

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