"11th Dimension" and theoretical physics

Sep 23

"11th Dimension" and theoretical physics

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This might help explain what Julian's song title references:

"In the 1980s, a new mathematical model of theoretical physics called string theory emerged. It showed how all the particles, and all of the forms of energy in the universe, could be constructed by hypothetical one-dimensional 'strings,' infinitely small building-blocks that have only the dimension of length, but not height or width. Further, string theory suggested that the universe is made up of multiple dimensions. . . Eventually, there were five major string theories, all based on a 10-dimensional universe, and all of them appeared to be correct. Scientists were not comfortable with five seemingly contradictory sets of equations to describe the same thing. In the mid 90s, a string theorist named Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study and other important researchers considered that the five different versions of string theory might be describing the same thing seen from different perspectives. They proposed a unifying theory called 'M-Theory', in which the 'M' is not specifically defined, but is generally understood to stand for 'membrane.' M-Theory brought all of the string theories together. It did this by asserting that strings are really 1-dimensional slices of a 2-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Introduction_to_M-theory)

If you're interested, these sites go into some more detail -



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