Julian AKA "The Thief" AKA "Old Man" Casablancas

Nov 07

Julian AKA "The Thief" AKA "Old Man" Casablancas

Posted by Gac on

Hows the old man doing today? Must be burnt out from that horrific performance, and years of over-drinking and drug.

He should read this article about marriage and children and what it does to mans creative drive. Explains why he has resorted to thievery from younger, underexposed artists. That silver spoon must be rusting in his mouth right now.


Perhaps the orange streak in his hair is an attempt at appearing youthful again. However, oh no... those lines... those beginnings of liver spots showing up... those organs are starting to fail... that posture is starting to weaken...

Your body is dying, your spirit degrades from your lack of ethics and sportsmanship, you self-punish knowing the wrongs in your heart, and your creative spark is leaving you... with that sub-par, derivative, try-hard-to-be-different-but-fail-miserably-because-it-was-based-on-ideas-stolen-from-another-more-creative-person album.

You will be overtaken. You are no legend, but a stain on history. A footnote in the career of others. You committed a sad, pathetic act against an unknown, less-fortunate, innocent artist who committed no wrongs against you, and now you will suffer of your own guilt. You, with your wealth and social status, has to resort to something as puny as that? Your manhood must be infantile and unsatisfying.

As for Warren Fu, his little lackey artboy. Warren Fu, from Lucas Film, who contributed greatly to the new Star Wars movies being globally acknowledged as utter piles of shit. I know how this white-washed, cultureless, spineless asian man works as I am very familiar with how truly creative Chinese artists work. He is not one of them. Totally devoid of a style of his own, instead completely reliant on stealing ideas and identities from others. Just like Julian. They are a match made in atheist heaven!

Those devoid of personality like these two sad old men, these men who scavenge the identity of others, of course will stick together-- as no one else in the real world, the world of people trying to survive and make a living, will "understand" them, with their privileged, "tortuously normal" upbringings.

How could the masses understand, they're too busy in their "urban robocop warzones" trying to envision a future where they can finally experience happiness, wealth and success, right? Pffft. How unartistic!

According to scumbags like this, everyone else is too concerned with petty things like trying to live well and keep their head above water, so this "uncool society" will never understand their version of "creativity" -- aka, the ripping off ideas from the poor and from the past.

Anyways, enjoy the failure that inevitably awaits you. It is not too late for forgiveness. You must admit your faults, acknowledge your true influence, or the suffering you have self-initiated is not far off.

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