You guys Leave me No Choice

Nov 08

You guys Leave me No Choice

Posted by Max Fischer on

You continually harass me.. then act as if I was the one that started it all.. then more and more people that can't think for themselves join in... and of course blame me without actually knowing what is going on.. like lemmings running off a cliff...

I have no choice.. I will just have to create my own JULIAN CASABLANCAS message board.. he's where it's at right now anyway. Let's face it.. the Strokes are kind of on the outs right now.. and may not ever really be back like we all remember them... especially since Julian isn't calling the shots anymore..

Don't worry though.. I will still post here as well! :D

I will just transfer all my posts here as well as the other site... that way it's WIN WIN.

If anyone wants to go to a site where FREE speech is a right and no bullying will be allowed be sure to check out my site. I actually EMBRACE [u]sincere[/u] conversation ulnike the cult members here.

ON my site you will be able to post whatever you feel like.. AS LONG as you aren't trying to control other people like a CULT member.

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