meeting julians guitarist at the manchester gig

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meeting julians guitarist at the manchester gig

Posted by mattymattymatty on

Hello , 3 of us went to the gig on fri and it was pretty cool. The gig finished about half past ten but we had to hang around outside the front for ages to meet someone. Anyway at about midnite the guitar/synth player just walks up to us and asks me for a fag and we was chatting away for ages , the weird thing was he didnt really seem to know to much about the strokes and seemed very keen on julian making another solo record instead . He asked me what my fave strokes song was and when i said "ize of the world" he claimed he didnt even know it. Anyway at about 12.15 Jules walks out aswell and instantly became surrounded by about 20 girls , they formed a line to have their photos taken with him but his security only let about half in the line and told the rest of us to clear off. I never got to meet him but I was only standing a few metres away and he seemed like a really cool dude , he was very friendly and better looking in the flesh .

After about 15 minutes he went back inside and there was a mini riot by all the people who didnt get chance to say hello lol.

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