NOT SPAM: Apple Tablet computer coming this month???

Jan 03

NOT SPAM: Apple Tablet computer coming this month???

Posted by Max Fischer on

I am really excited for this Apple tablet to come out. I think it's going to revolutionize PCs. There are so many things this thing is going to do. In a lot of ways I believe it's going to make your main computer obsolete.. or feel obsolete.. and at the same time make your whole computing experience way cooler.

What I think the tablet will do is to be your main PC surfing device.. so most of how you interact with your PC will be through this thing.. but at the same time it's going to be a whole new way to actually interact with your PC -- it's going to be a SUPER KEYBOARD.. you know how you work with an iphone and touch the screen.. imagine a iphone the size of your computer keyboard that you typed on and could draw on as well.. see.. what it does is allow your keyboard to be customized AT WILL.. so anything you are doing on your PC could have its own custom keyboard... plus it will store all the things you need most.. like all your favorite things and ebooks and all the information you want with you all the time..

Sorry if this makes no sense.. hard to explain tif you aren't familiar.. thought others might be interested..


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