Would you guys be interested in a Julian sculpture?

Jan 07

Would you guys be interested in a Julian sculpture?

Posted by Max Fischer on

I know will probably take a ton of shit for this.. like everyone thinks I am a total groupie already anyway.. but I am thinking of making a sculpture of this poster image --


I was thinking of trying to make the green part in a clear green material and putting a light in it to light it up like in the picture... but I don't know how cheap I could make these.. and if anyone would buy them.

What do you guys think though? Would it be something you might be interested in or would it be a waste since there is already a poster? Should I do something else? I think it would be awesome though lit up in the dark.

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Even though Julian is bringing Biblicism back?

It could also mean that Julian HIMSELF IS without sin...

A different J.C. should be credited with the "He who is without sin..." quote.

Maybe I am just sensitive because so many people on here accuse me of being in love with, Julian. haha

Sorry if I didn't respond quickly. I have learned not to wait around for people on here// most the time people pop in and off..

Maybe an 11th Dimension music video sculpt wouldn't be so weird because he is more like a character. Maybe that wouldn't be so Velvet Elvisy.. haha

are we on the board at the same time? yeah, I know what you mean about the worship thing, I thought it would look cool but then again it would look cool to have a full blown statue of Julian, I guess it's just a level of commitment.

Hi Headphones. I just thought it might be kind of weird to do a straight bust. I thought people might feel kind of weird about owning something like that.. I was thinking the poster image would be more low key and less "worshipy".. lol

haha that's definitly an idea. I think it would be cooler if you did his bust too instead of just his head.

lol I'll see what I can do. haha

I would love it if it was free

C'mon.. no scultpure fans here?

Would you like it if it was free? LOL

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