I cant sleep guys!!

Jan 08

I cant sleep guys!!

Posted by troywilliams on

Ive never been to a show in my life (age 21) thats right, and im seeing Julian tomorrow aghaeigaubnaeiurgEDVNBSDBGALG as soon as i heard he was doing a solo album i thought to myself "well since i cant go see a strokes show yet, i wanna go see Julian for my first show ever" and i got my WISH. i still can belive im going to see him!

i still havent gotten my Deluxe Box Set and i live in the frigin USA, ppl over in the UK got theirs WTF!

.....Batman owns

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im def gonna try and think of somthing to ask em, the venue is small so it shouldent be hard. my friend lindsay is a show vet so ill use her. i havent slept i cant sleep im antsy, getting the deluxe set today would be the cherry on top

If you see him you gotta ask him a good question!

Ask him what this line means "complicated mammals on the wings of robots" :lol:

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