What will it be like? Hopes for it to be like?

Jan 08

What will it be like? Hopes for it to be like?

Posted by Barely Legal on

I for one hope that the much anticipated 4th album will be similar to Is This It? or Room On Fire. First Impressions... Some very very very good songs such as Razorblade, Red Light, Evening Sun, Ize of the World, Juicebox, Electricity Scape, Heart In a Cage, You Only Live Once, Vision of Division... But, in this album you see a lot of individual's songs... Is This It and Room On Fire sound like the entire band making a very good song. This is just my opinion. Great rock overall though, plus I just wish it was still The Strokes that we saw in the early 2000's.

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umm whatever it is im sure i'll like it!!! progression is nice to see in a band, and we've seen that with the strokes previous albums and in their solo work... but progression is also kind of scary cause you're not guaranteed to like it.. but im sure we'll this will be a sick album!!

I'd like for it to be a number of things. I don't have an issue with a band growing. When Julian said that the early recorded stuff sounded like "futuristic Thin Lizzy", I was really giddy :D

Maybe they could try out a "back to basics" album for their 5th go-around (if they decide to make a 5th which I believe they would). But if they maybe dip into minimalist-metal (although I guess Thin Lizzy is more hard rock than metal right?) and atmospheric sound, I think it would be an interesting attempt. I think Julian has really gotten into more indie-styled bands recently, like I think I recall him saying he appreciated Dirty Projectors and Beirut so I think we may see the classic Strokes but combined with a little more experimentation.

The one reason I don't think they're going to make Is This It? 2 or Room on Fire 2 is because because from each album they've released so far, I'd say they sound almost radically different. I'd like for them to eventually make an Is This It? 2, but more in the future because I want to hear what new ideas Julian & Co. have in store 8-)

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