Vocals on Angles

Sep 25

Vocals on Angles

Posted by pkrstd2 on

Jules needs to bring back the traditional vocals from the other albums, now!! The vocals on Angles are terrible because of this new pasty almost feminine sound he opted for. When they play Angles live it sounds soo much better especially songs like Gratisfaction & Macchu Picchu.

Jules, if you read your this, bring that sh*t back homie! Heck, i'd even recommend they redo angles with live versions to get that raw baritone from Is This It or ROF which'll make Angles one of their greatest cd's bc their instrumentation is great in Angles. Otherwise, it's probably the fourth best album they've made to date.

This is by far the greatest rock band of our effin generation and i'm really exited that they are back doing what they should be doing, making musik! Can't wait for the 5th album!

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