Estreno del vídeo de "Taken For A Fool" - Míralo ya aquí!

Jul 11

Estreno del vídeo de "Taken For A Fool" - Míralo ya aquí!

The Strokes estrenan el vídeo de “Taken For A Fool” dirigido por Laurent Briet. Míralo en VEVO o directamente aquí abajo!

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los amooo


Dios santo como puede verse tan bien julian >_< Se pasan los 5 son geniales!!! Smile

Este video esta genial, ni hablar de la cancion!!...Sisteeer!

Hello The Strokes, I am a fan of you from the first song that listens to you (New York City Cops) and it changed my life completely to know his music. They are the maximum thing and please pass for Peru there are thousands of "Strokers" in Peru.
PD: I'm sorry for my terrible english (fuc***ng translator of google)

Hello The Strokes site team! I just wanna let you know that in the spanish personal info of the register forms the date of birth says: fecha de naSCimiento, but the correct way is: naCimiento, without S.
Hope to be helpful Smile love you all


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