Oct 28

Room on Fire Turns 11

Room on Fire Anniversary
This bad boy was released October 28, 2003. What’s ur favorite song from 'Room on Fire'?

My beautiful muse
Use me till you waste me
Use me till I die
Because in the end
In any case,
I die.

Oct 21

New Merch Collection Available Now

New Merch Collection Available Now
Just in time for the holidays, The Strokes' 2014 merch collection has arrived.

Check out exclusive new designs HERE


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Oct 21

'Is This It' el álbum debut de The Strokes cumple 13 años

Is This It's 13th Anniversary

Este año se cumplen trece años del lanzamiento debut de The Strokes!

A North America tour would be the best thing ever

nooooo not me, my parents took that plane...
and I'm playing nurse for my grandma Smile

but I had an idea, (maybe a stupid one, you decide)
I thought, you dont want to give me money for a plane,
you don't want to meet me in g.many
you dont want to send me a ticket,
so why dont you send me a guy with ticket?
ask one of your friends! not?

if you think its stupid please tell me why,
and I'll try to figure out something clever...
(it's just: I don't understand why it must be so difficult to meet you
and when I don't understand your reasons I cannot imagine a way for us)


new journey next week...
if you (or someone else) want to say something... now is the time..
but I'll be back in a month if you want to wait...

I would like to know:
how is your mood?

Oct 09

Is This It's 13th Anniversary

Is This It's 13th Anniversary
This year marks the 13th anniversary of Is This It (US version)!
Oct 08

Cult Records Celebrates Albert Hammond, Jr.'s AHJ EP Anniversary

Cult Records Celebrates Albert Hammond, Jr.'s AHJ EP Anniversary
In celebration of the one year anniversary since the release of Albert Hammond, Jr.'s EP, AHJ, Cult Records has lined up a number of great promotions:

1) Head over to Cult Record's twitter to win an Albert prize pack including a SIGNED + customized AHJ 10" Vinyl

2) Get 20% off all things at Albert's online store with Cult for one week only using code ALBERT20 at the checkout. Code expires 10/15 end of day.
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