Its back!!!

Jun 10

Its back!!!

Posted by HywelLewis on

So....when do we realistically expect a new album? Maybe we should have a sweepstake...I'm going for Jan 09, pretty much 3 years after FIOE UK release. How is everyone?

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:D it's fab t hear dr comin bk......dr my favorite band love music rock/indie/ alternative dr da epitamy f cool. 8-) ........dirty leather, torn trousers, worn out shoes, broken smiles....i love it all i've missed that truth n brytal honesty in bands expression in music n lyrics the strokes have n only a handle full of other bands possess.....

howevr lukin at news photo on da site :shock: ..... is no one jus little concernd bout jules attempt t get into hiphop...electro scene... :o wat da fuck dat bout......i undrstand bands music gotta evolve n survive da new wave f electro wiv amazin bands such s hotchip.... but lukin at pic f jules lukin as kwl s ever but next t pharrel williams??????????? :? wats happnin????? is it jus me dats likl confusd n concrnd dat dr startn t loose da plot! :roll: doin Aerosmith with run dmc :evil: does anyone feel dr sellin dem selves down da river? :cry: movin away from hard beat f drums..moan f da guitar ;) .....n heavy bass lukin casual n unkept....... t high pitchd eletro screech without da soul dat i feel only hotchip seem t possess.......theyv earnd millions n gud f dem t have time out focus on families ...children...wives...houses...clothes...etc etcetcetc.....jus chillin an livin..... but f fuck sack please don't get suckd in by da bling like da hiphop scene saturated in money,sex n no soul.........pls..pls pls pls...i may b ovr reactin n will wait till dr release dr album dat like so many f us been yearnin f yrs :lol: n hear da results i cross my fingers n hope it's fuckin mind blowin shit....f dr sacks xxxx :arrow:

I don't mind if the album comes in 2010, as long as there's something new from The Strokes, some news or shit that they're still a band will fine.

That said, I can't wait to hear what new shit they're going to come up with.

i'm guessing april-june 2009

at least we know that there will be a fourth album!

^ No way. That's totally a rumor, emkeats, I can guarantee it. Don't let that worry anyone.

okay uh i heard the reason they havent been recording is because they dont like each other anymore and i REALLY hope that is not the case cause that would kill me. but they seem like best friends, so i dont really think thats true. but if it is...fuck my life.

[color=#FF0000]I'm gunna go for uhmm... March 2009 no rhyme or reason, it's juss a feeling...[/color]

i give them summer to write and find a producer, fall and winter to record(and it wont take albert THAT long to record his guitar im guessing he'll record before touring) and i say it comes out in the spring of 2009 how long must i fuckin wait!!!-i see an other album in my visions jules<3333

ily the strokes and jules

[quote]....and quit baggin on albert hammond jr. the only reason hes a solo artist is because no one else wanted him to contibute lyrics.[/quote]

TRUE THAT - Albert's having spent two years on his own will learning how to make his own music only help the Strokes and make them that much more talented as a band.

[color=#BF00BF]we have to wait a least one more year, I hope it will no be much more than that

I'm so ansious[/color]

albert said once that hes not gonna have a break after touring by himself..
so i think we will all be enjoying strokes very soon..

i hope so. cause we miss you a lot..

My guess is mid-2009, maybe the summer.

I likes me some "summer anthems" and The Strokes are a band that would make a song that could be one to me.

But the only thing that worries me is Albert's album and tour which, yes, as aforementioned by others, could delay the release. But you know, as long as there's a fourth album, I'm rather pleased with whenever it comes out.

im gonna say april-june 2009....but seriously who gives a shit. once the album comes out we will all bow down at its greatness.

....and quit baggin on albert hammond jr. the only reason hes a solo artist is because no one else wanted him to contibute lyrics.

non of us are worthy in their presence

^ Haha that's awesomely ironic. Oh Julian.

I bet

haha ^ Julian must have known it would take forever to put out another record so he put that line in the song so we could use it like that.

All that I do, is waait for yooou.

Hopefully soon, my guess is about march 09

I agree with lazydynamite. Albert said that First Impressions was written like they'd go into the studio for 3 days and finish 3 songs and then go in two months later and do it again and stuff like that. So if that will be the case this time around than albert should be able to do it coming off tour with relative ease.

yeah albert x(



My guess is early-mid 2009. I'm sure Julian's gonna be writing while Albert's doing his own thing touring and whatnot, if he already hasn't. I doubt he's going to wait until Albert's done touring and rested to first begin anything with the 4th album because he can still do a lot. And according to Nikolai, working out whatever "technical kinks" they have probably won't take them a year.

i'm thinking mid-2009. plus, the good thing about having julian as the songwritter, is that he writes all the material, right ? so, he technically doesn't need albert. so, albert will just drop by the studio, lay down his tracks (will be most likely julian-dictated).

its a good thing. means the album will get to use faster.

I'm saying winter 2009 too. Fingers crossed anyway.

^^^I didn't want to be that cruel, but yes, Vicky. I'll be out of college probably before the album comes out...

[b]The fourth of NEVERRR. Because Albert is Judas.[/b]

I think late 2009 at most. Maybe November or December 2009...Albert needs time to rest after touring in order to be really creative and shit I assume. They did say they needed an extended break, notwithstanding Albert's solo stuff.

damn you Albert for holding back the next strokes album!

Here's hoping for January, but with Alberts 2nd album coming out he will proly tour with that which could hold it back a bit.

yeah id go with next jan.x

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