Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell

Jun 10

Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell

Posted by Ruby Red Squirt on

i had no idea the board was back...

anyway, i just came across this at

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julian has longer hair, a bigger belt and a new watch.

i almost fainted.

i just hope pharrell doesn't fuck it up >.<

nope that was the most stupid thing julian has ever done. that was horrible he doesnt even sound like julian. the raspy voice wasnt there. nope

I get a feeling that The Strokes would loose their sound if Pharrell would produce it.
or mabye I'm just paranoid. Pharrell makes great music, but idk..

[quote]by Elle on Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:56 am In my opinion, it seems like a bad move. I think Pharell would over produce it and make it sound too polished and far off from The Strokes' typical sound.[/quote]

yeah same here...i don't know if it would be such a good idea. that i think about it..he did produce a couple tracks for the Hives which i actually liked.

I saw Santogold last week at a festival in Liverpool. Just got this track and not really enjoying it. Theres an article in this weeks NME magazine regarding Pharrell wanting to produce The Strokes next album. I hope he doesent, i dont like his producing style and the twist he puts on things. The stuff he has done with The Hives doesent blow me away.

Great to see the board back!

^ aleaiactaest, that's Santogold singing.

Just in case any of you guys haven't heard it yet from Oh Someday, according to NME Pharell says he really wants to produce The Strokes next album. Here's the actual article:

In my opinion, it seems like a bad move. I think Pharell would over produce it and make it sound too polished and far off from The Strokes' typical sound. Not that they shouldn't expand or anything, I just think it'd be in the wrong direction. And secondly, I really highly doubt Julian would even agree to it because we all know how particular he is with their sound and it seems like him and Pharell would conflict a lot. Here's what other people said at Oh Someday:

Whose voice is the permanent one?" Me, I wanna dance. Dance, dance." It´s great!

I love "it's summer in the city"

gives me a thought of Julian and Regina Spektor's relationship...

I dont like this song, it sounds a lil bit commercial, but it's fine that Jules socialise and create smth with another singers 8-)

i love it!!!!!! already put it on my ipod and i just can't stop listening to it...
can't wait for the video, i just know it's gonne be awesome

have a good day, folks!!!

Yeah, it might have been nicer if Pharrell was in the song for more than just the 20 seconds at the beginning and various "uh!"s "oh"s and "yeah!"s throughout the song, but I guess he produced it, so that's a lot of input. and I think his voice sounds too up-front or something in that first part. but I love the way Julian's voice was produced in the song. Santogold's too. but yeah I agree with whoever said there is too much of a pause between some of the verses. and that little sound in the backrgound of Julian's part reminds me of sound effects from the video game Sonic the Hedgehog --

oh dang, I really want to play that game now, I wish I still had a Sega Genisis :lol:

the song was okay.. i didnt like the pharrels beginning part, and i also cant stand the back loop, im not really into the kind of stuff. I liked jules part the most. It's really feels refreshing to hear his voice. santogold wasn't bad either.

I love the picture, but the song... I expected somethig better

I don't find anything wrong with Pharrell's part, although I think it could be longer

^^ Yeah, I noticed that too lebarat, the way the riff like pauses too long makes the timing seem off. That was the first thing that irked me about the song. And Pharell's little 10 second part is kinda pointless... and he sounds bad.

I don't like the ringing thing in the background when julian is singing

ok so..i listened to it again.

things i liked: the combination of santogold and julian's voice. julian's voice.

what i don't like: pharrell in the beginning, the tempo of the song in the beginning (right after pharell sings) it's almost like it pauses for too long between beats or something. i bet the remixes of this will be great though.


Its alright. this might be more of a getting some dough thing than anything else. though, not too repeat everyone else, but it is good see Jules up in action again.

Oh yes ! He looks soooo incredibly cute on those pictures !

hubba hubba natie! i like those jules pics 8-)

The repeating riff in the background is the worst thing about the song and it gets really jarring to listen to.

This song is not that bad, I think...
But it's cool to see that Julian is still alive! I miss The Strokes more than ever!

The song [u]is[/u] summer. It´s a very cool song, but here it´s raining. :lol:

I love the song ! well done !
Happy song to dance too ! I can't wait to see the video !

I think the repeated back beat is hard for all of us to get adjusted to. I think if it was more rock than hip-hop and had a breakup of a bridge and chorus and everything it'd be easier for everyone to digest. But if you listen to anything else by Pharell, all of his songs are like that with it just kind of being all over the place.

don't really like the song (this heavily repeated riff annoys me), but I agree, it's good to see jules is still alive..

maybe i just don't like Pharrell. :|

I like the song, but that kind of music is not for everyone, it's not universal like I think the Strokes' is, so I can understand why a lot of people aren't into it.

i was a lurker too! 8-)

Yeah when i posted this yesterday I wasn't sure what to say about the song. I don't really love the song, it's alright I guess. Maybe I just need to give it another listen.

Anyway, I was just so happy to see Julian and hear his voice again. I miss THE STROKES! Then I saw this board was back up so that was great, although in the other board I was mostly a lurker LOL.

I can't wait to see the video for it.

i couldn't even listen to it all the way through. i love santogold and i love julian but there was something odd about the quality of the music. i'll give it another shot though. i have missed his voice on something new <3 and it really is nice to see him healthy and well!! he looks great!

^ yeah what I can understand of the lyrics sound like ones he actually means

and I can't believe someone has the nerve to Rickroll this message board, lolz

I really want them to release official lyrics for the song because from what I can hear so far Julian's lyrics sound very good. But it's kinda like they just don't fit into the song because he's so advanced for such a simple dance track, which I'm sure they were aiming it to be with all the "We wanna dance, dance, we wanna dance" parts. We all know Julian could do far better than something like this, but maybe he liked the opportunity to really branch out for once.

[quote="Nat"][b]did i dream or i rly saw Rick Asley???

*pinch myself*[/b][/quote]

No, you're not dreaming.

[b]did i dream or i rly saw Rick Asley???

*pinch myself*[/b]

This track is pretty legit, Santogold's voice is perfect with Julian's. The Strokes should really do more collaborations. Very excited for album #4.

It's soooo not The Strokes, but it sounds really good :D

im not writing this to get anyones back up - i adore the strokes - but i was really disappointed with this song. actually im not disappointed in the song, it is exactly what i would expect from pharrell, but im just sad that julian would take this choice and was thererfore disappointed from the word go. the mix sounds muddled and the song has no structure or interest. i have no problem with musical evolution as i fully endorse the changes made on FIOE but the song serves exactly the purpose it was aimed to fulfill - a shoe commercial and as a result should be cut to no more than 30 seconds.

I think it's a pretty good song. Julian's part obviously is the best, or just the fact that he's in it makes it good. I still don't like the fact that it has a repetitious looping back beat though; I'm just not into that stuff. But I'm really looking forward to some of this behind the scenes stuff the Converse website promises us. Seeing Julian again is just too exciting.

It is so good to see him again, alive and healthy. I like the song too.

Well, this will be a first then.... I don't like it. Maybe it's just because I wouldn't normally listen to that sort of stuff but...

[b]The new song is cute & poppy & I like it.[/b]

I really missed new songs with his voice :)

Congrats to Julian! He did a great job ;)

i love the song!
that beat is awesome for a party.
and his voice sounds amazing as well, its like in mercy mercy me when eddie finished singing and then julian starts and its sort of like listening to an old friend because you sort of dont expect to hear him?
well.. i dont really know what im talking about but anyhow My Drive Thru is a TUNE 8-)

I think the song is great, and it's always nice to hear that Julian is alive.

He looks really good on the picture, I love his outfit and his hair is absolutely perfect!

The song is weird, I like it but I try to think will it like be in movies depicting 2008. Sometimes I do stuff like that to enhance the song or the way I listen to it. If a song doesn't hit you like when say "Hard to Explain" hit you, apply it to scenarios? Don't know if it's a good way to go about music, especially for someone who wants to make music and enjoys the enjoyment of it.

Thank you for sharing this.

Okay, Julian sounds amazing as usual, and I am going to be honest, if Julian is involved...I am down.


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