Which live TV preformance is your favourite?

Jun 11

Which live TV preformance is your favourite?

Posted by Sweet and Obsessed on

Take It Or Leave It @ Letterman


Julian falling, Albert's solo...

[b]LET'S GO CRAZY![/b]

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The atmosphere in the video of the strokes in oxygen festival is fantastic
I love how the wind blows on them


Heart in a cage at Jools Holland is perfection, absolutely perfection!

^ The "Three in the morning" part gets me every time too.

I think this needs to be mentioned:

Julian's last "Oh, oh, oh"s at about 3:00 are absolutely ridiculously awesome.

robotrocks i totally agree with you!

[quote]My first favorite is "Heart in a Cage" at Jools Holland. Julian's voice sounds so...vibrato. No other way to describe it.[/quote]

when he sings 'three in the morning' as well, that [i]floors[/i] me.
his voice sounds sooo good
vibrato IS the word :)

^I love that

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=797oRN1Po_0]THIS[/url], without a doubt..look at it, trust me, you might not have seen it before.

^ I must agree, Hawaii from MTV Live is fabulous. I like it even better than the studio version so I had to put it on my iPod.

Some of my other favorites are Take it or Leave It from Letterman 'cause of all the energy and all of the Jools Holland performances as well 'cause Julian's voice sounds so great. And all their Conan performances sound so good they could pass for lip-syncing.

[size=150]All those performances are awesome but c'mon...[/size]

[size=200]Hawaii live at MTV studios in London[/size]

I like the permonce of Hawaii on mtv show in london, YOLO on Conan
and yeah, Take it or Leave it is a magic perfomance..

The footage of them playing Sagganuts technically wasn't a TV performance, but despite the poor audio and video quallity, it's like it made their performace even better. Anyways I really loved that performance.

Under Control on Conan.
specifically, 2:28

The MTV2 Special when they play "Clear Skies" and a couple more rarities!

"Take It or Leave It" on Letterman is also my favorite =D

haha vibro was a nice word.
I love that thing he does when he sings "the sun will be shining.."

^^^That is definitely my second favorite. It is so intense, I can't even really sit down. Everyone is so intense. You watch some of the 2$ bill footage and you see how non-intense The Strokes can sometimes be - especially Julian. But Julian makes up for it in that one.

My first favorite is "Heart in a Cage" at Jools Holland. Julian's voice sounds so...vibrato. No other way to describe it.


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