a few questions ive been reminiscing on..

Jun 11

a few questions ive been reminiscing on..

Posted by hellasweet4me on

what is expected of album number four [awesomeness]
any concerts/ touring expected soon, in the near future, coughcoughinnewyorkcoughcough?
[i]does[/i] album four even exist!!?
[i]will[/i] the strokes ever record ever again?!
or tour for that matter?!
or do anything?!!
[i]why[/i] am i skipping to horrible conclusions?!
[i]why[/i] do i keep asking pointless questions?!!!?!
[i]will[/i] i ever press the submit button?!?!

anyway, i hope you guys return from behind your own personal spectacularness and cigarettes and greatness and frighteningly awesome musical talents to share some with us,


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