Favorite song from this album?

Jun 12

Favorite song from this album?

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[color=#800080]What is your Favorite song from this album? If you HAD to pick one... I love them all, but my FAVORITE would have to be "I Cant Win". Its absolutely amazing. [/color]

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Whatever Happened, 12:51, though all songs are awesome... Best album!

Meet me in the bathroom, 12:51

Reptilia of course.

I absolutly cannot pick one. To me every single stokes song is amazing. (Including ask me anything)

The End Has No End, 12:51, Reptilia, Automatic Stop, and What Ever Happened? are my favorites. (in order from my top favorite to my fifth favorite)

between What Ever Happened? and Reptilia
i like them both alot

1st:Automatic stop 2nd: Meet me in the bathroom 3rd:Reptilia

Reptilia is the best cuz the lyrics are totally awsome also the guitar, bass, and drums.
Reptilia da best

What Ever Happened?
For sureeee.

the end has no end, reptilia and i can't win :D

the end gas no end


thats always been a favorite of mine

and ive also always loved automatic stop

I'd have to say "12:51", "Reptilia", and "What Ever Happened".

[size=85]"What ever Happened" Is a pretty good song.
I think the beat for that one and "Reptilia" are alike...I like both, just "What ever happened better"[/size]



"What Ever Happened" and "I Can't Win" are much better than the rest of the album.

Meet Me in the Bathroom

although it's a really hard choice. i love every song on that album

2. UC (I almost said UK or US :lol: )
3. WH

i would say UNDER CONTROL
because of the very beautifull lyrics, the nostalgic and romantic atmosphere
because of Julian's voice and the chords which are perfect
this song is the relaxing time of the album (according to me ^^ )

But it's not easy to choose because Room of Fire is a masterpiece ^_^

I would have to go with the end has no end, then whatever happened, and lastly, reptilia... love ya boys

[size=150][color=#4080BF]Between Love and Hate[/color][/size]

I'm not a big fan of this album, but my favorites are Whatever Happened, Automatic Stop, The End Has No End, and I Can't Win. And I don't like Reptilia much.

Well besides Reptilia (because that's the obvious choice. love that song so much) it would be......

and I can only pick one.......

eh, I can't just pick one....

Automatic Stop, The End Has No End, I Can't Win

Definitely 'What Ever Happened?' !!
Followed by 'I can't Win'

[b]My favourite is probably Between Love & Hate. Other favourites: The Way It Is, TEHNE, and What Ever Happened.[/b]

As hipicritical as it is i have tow favs. Reptillia and 1251. Those are the best two songs on that album...if i do say so myself :P

Whatever Happened? . The End Has No End . Automatic Stop . 12:51 . Under Control ...all amazing :!:

Favourite guitar solos... I can't Win . Reptilia . Between Love and Hate . Under Control

Reptilia definitely i fucking love the video. its simple but so awesome!

The end has no end, and what ever happened... and all the other songs on the album.... :roll:

What ever happened? is AMAZING , the lyrics, the music

it's my favourite ssong ever

Reptilia, automatic stop and 12:51

Between Love and Hate, I Can't Win, Under Control

Automatic Stop!

Reptillia proably but this whole album helped me get through alot even though it had nothing to do with my situation ha

between love and hate and reptilia

[color=#BF00BF]reptilia, 12:51, you talk way too much...[/color]

its hard to choose but i think under control and meet me in the bathroom are both very good.

hard to pick one but i would say Reptilia.. the intro is brilliant!

My favorite track is REPTILIA :D.. and like too.. automatic stop, 12:51, meet me in the bathroom..

[b]i absolutely can't pick one :
my favs "reptilia" , "i can't win" and "automatic stop" [/b]

[color=#00BFFF]If I HAD to pick one it'd be "Automatic Stop"[/color]

I just realized it's ridiculously hard for me to pick favorite Strokes songs haha.
But I would have to say Reptilia. It's just so epic, especially played live.
Between Love & Hate, What Ever Happened?, and 12:51 are all close seconds.

What Ever Happened?

its amaazzing :shock:

'oh tennessee what did you write?
i come together in the middle of the night'

I think I like Automatic Stop the most..

I love each song on this album. But if I had to choose one of them, I think it would be Reptilia.

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