For the Attention of Ryan Gentles:

Jun 13

For the Attention of Ryan Gentles:

Posted by robotrocks on

You should tell the Strokes to read this board if they ever need their egos....STROKED (oh god, sorry), or ever have any doubts that people don't care about them anymore and don't miss them and are not eagerly awaiting album #4. ;)

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Gentles met the Strokes when he was booking bands for the Mercury Lounge in New York. - <a href="">James Stuckey</a>

If Julian's so great why doesn't he produce the next album himself.

-Viv(Just runnin' it up the flagpole and seein' who salutes.)

Julian will push for Pharrell, the band will go along and that'll be the last "Strokes" CD.

mark ronson needs to get back where he belongs:[b] mah bed![/b]

I don´t care who will produce the next Strokes´ album.
What I care is if there would be a new Strokes´ album.
I just wish that if this album comes up to the light, it would make me feel happy with great lyrics and catchy tunes. I just want to enjoy the great music that all the strokes are able to guarantee.

Haha, I bet the very person hiding behind the alias Robotrocks is in fact Mark Ronson himself. Whats the matter Mark, need a job? :P

Mark ronson sucks man.. bring gordon raphael back!!! And yeah of course we want is this it again.

[quote]I'm entitled to think that am I not?[/quote]

no. but seriously...i agree with you.

^ Yes, but I still think you're wrong! Your opinion tho :)

[quote="robotrocks"]And if you say that change isn't good, especially when it comes to making music, then I think you're going to find yourself very disappointed with whoever they DO end up choosing - because the Strokes are a band that want to progress, not make Is This It, Part 4.[/quote]

Firstly, I never said that change wasn't good. I am aware that The Strokes do not want 'Is This It part 4'. Thank you for pointing that out. I don't want ITI Part 4 either. Of course change is good. Otherwise, bands would keep churning out the same old stuff. I said too much change at times isn't good. Bands can change/evolve but still keep their own sound.
I think Ronson producing the album would be a bad idea, that's all. I'm entitled to think that am I not?

^^ YES, PEOPLE!!! Join the Ronson Revolution!!!

Now that I've thought of it more, Ronson usually produces music on the dancier side like fun slightly predictable upbeat music so it'd be a far far thing for what I hope for in the 4th Strokes album.

[quote]blue fire: Mark Ronson will show you things you never knew existed, such as blue fire.

mark ronson [i]breathes[/i] blue fire

and he [i]would [/i]do a good job. c'mon ryan, we can work it out ;)

Ughhh, I'm not saying the Kaisers are on the Strokes level AT ALL! Not even CLOSE!! I'm saying Mark Ronson now has experience with a guitar band, despite all the pop and hip-hop he's mostly produced.

And if you say that change isn't good, especially when it comes to making music, then I think you're going to find yourself very disappointed with whoever they DO end up choosing - because the Strokes are a band that want to progress, not make Is This It, Part 4.

No.... no no no no no no NO........ just, no. No Pharrell Williams and no Mark Ronson. Good and all that Ronson may be, I don't want to see The Strokes album produced by him. Too much change!! FIOE was a huge change, and ok, they're progressing as a band, but I feel getting one of these guys to produce the next album is a step too far. And you can't compare him producing Kaiser Chiefs album to The Strokes. The Strokes piss all over Kaiser Chiefs.

we interrupt this program to bring you this news bulletin -
THIS puppy has officially joined the growing numbers of influential people who have endorsed Mark Ronson for Strokes producer.
much more to come at 6:30 on your local NBC station

breaking news - this puppy has officially endorsed the Mark Ronson for Strokes Producer 2009 campaign.
....updates to come as we receive them in the newsroom.....
this story has just broke and we will try to get information out to you as soon as we receive and confirm it.
again, if you're just joining us, that breaking news is THIS puppy endorses Mark Ronson for Strokes Producer Album #4 in 2009.


Well lookie what I found! it's Mark Ronson hanging with Albert's BFF, Sean Lennon a few months ago!!
OMG, Albert and Mark Ronson have a mutual best friend!! (Mark grew up with Sean)
and look at how he's dressed in the picture!
did you ever think someone would exist who can give the STROKES style tips? AND produce an album for them?!

these are two other of Ronson's BFFS. Wouldn't you say they are both pretty cool?

This is a mockup of the first campaign poster. Don't be thrown by his "urban" clothes in the pic, it's at least ten years old and he dresses much nicer now..perhaps even better than Albert...oh my, imagine all the fun they will have discussing menswear while in the studio together!!
explaination of symbols:
music note: DUH, the man is a musical genius and will help you make an album as good as the first two, maybe even better

$ - Mark Ronson will bring insane (yet positive) hype to the album and give the Strokes the record sales they deserve (can anybody say Amy Winehouse/Lily Allen?)

corona - Mark Ronson likes to drink (but he can separate work and party time - don't worry, he is very diligent in the studio)

blue fire: Mark Ronson will show you things you never knew existed, such as blue fire.

sweet & sexy: duh, that's just what he is. he is serious as hell about what he does and all but he's very nice too. and he's just as sexy as a members of the Strokes, so the 6 of you will make up the hottest bunch of musicians ever to make an album together.

parental advisory: speaks for itself.

Mark Ronson For Strokes Producer 2009 Campaign Manager: robotrocks

The elaborate message from robotrocks is very interesting. I'm a huge Kaiser Chiefs fan and their upcoming 3rd album produced by Ronson sounds good from the bits I've heard. I'm not exactly sure if Ronson would be a good producer for the Strokes but I'll definitely choose him over Pharell.

They should actually consider Mark Ronson, not Pharrell to produce this (not Pharrell for a second - tho I do love him). I'm not even going to go into the many reasons why..or name names of all the artists he has produced and all the good music he has brought to the attention of the can [url=]look[/url] [url=]that[/url] up. Or forget it, I might as well tell you. Should I start with his 2008 Grammy for producer of the year? which he beat Chart-music giant Timbaland to win? which Nikolai, Jimmy Fallon and Ronson drank whiskey out of together a few weeks ago?

Actually I'm not sure about him for Strokes #4 at this exact moment in time, but he [i]is[/i] my favorite current producer, and I want to see his producing work this year - he is producing a rock band for the first time - Kaiser Chiefs' 3rd - and I've heard a snippet of that which sounds amazing, hopefully they can bounce back from a disappointing 2nd album, and maybe if that one's good, Ronson will start to work with other bands. I know there are dozens of them out there who would die to get him in the studio, the Strokes would merely have to mention it to him and he'd immediately agree to get on board - I am 99.9% sure of it.

Now that Nikolai knows Mark Ronson and has seen what kind of insane knowledge the man has of music, and how good his taste is, he might want to suggest him to the rest of Strokes. I understand the songs he played on Mark's show were rough mixes/demos, whatever, but I mean, Nikolai had to be told by Ronson to bring vocals up on the songs...and even if Nickel Eye isn't producing that record himself - shouldn't he have a good enough ear with all the studio time he's logged to not have to be told to bring vocals up? Only the the extremely detail-oriented ears of Ronson could catch that.

Ronson has an incredible knowledge of music - he is a true lover of music and he's into ALL kinds, not just the genres he has produced. and if you think his sound is too "clean" for the Strokes - I wouldn't worry, I'm sure he'd be willing to change it up and try new things in the studio, as he has a very amiable, self-effacing personality that I know very well, so I can tell he would get along with the Strokes' collective vibe.

Also, Ronson is a HUGE Strokes fan. I don't know if any of you remember [url=]THIS SONG (skip to 1:25 min in)[/url], but this was produced by Ronson and I think is the only time the Strokes have ever allowed anyone to legally sample their music. He is very busy, but I am almost certain that he would put at least half of whatever projects he has going on then on hold to work with the greatest band of the 21st century(?), THE STROKES.

Also, tho Mark is the veritable older brother of a couple of certain [url=]lady[/url]-[url=]singers[/url] who can be seen by the general public as merely tabloid-circuses, that doesn't take away from the amazing music he has made with them. The name Mark Ronson attached to this project also carries incredible integrity with it. Mark Ronson will never work with such shitty bands as Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte. He is famous to the general public, but not so famous that he has lost any cred or sense of who he is. He is also very cool - Kanye West begged him to DJ his birthday party. Rihanna txted him once. For giggles, he DJ'ed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding, and actually played a hilarious remix of the "Top Gun" theme that Tom Cruise actually LIKED, liked so much in fact, that he begged Ronson to DJ Suri's 2nd birthday party, but Ronson realized that that would be taking it a bit too far, so he declined the offer.

Most people are unaware of the fact, but he is one of THE most influential people in music today, if not the MOST. Call this man in for a meeting. At the very least, you will fall in love with his sense of humor and his kind, uneffected, unpretentious outlook on life in general. He has hours of stories he can tell you in during down-time in the studio, and tho he drops names everywhere, he's being very unassuming and un-pretentious about it. You will all become BFFs making the album. Just ask Nickel Eye -- he now knows the power of Ronson.

Ronson & Strokes: a match made in heaven, one true pairing, a career-reviving album waiting to happen.

Mark Ronson For Strokes Producer 2009 Campaign Manager: robotrocks

stroked...budumcha :P

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