exclusive live performances cd

Jun 19

exclusive live performances cd

Posted by pablomatique on

i made a compilation cd of the strokes live. i went through and edited it all myself, the sound isn't the best in some of them, but i've burned this cd and jammed to it so many times. i thought i might share it with ya'll. its in two zip files (fileden wouldn't host a file larger than 50mb)

[b]part 1 (38mb)[/b]
[b]part 2 (26mb)[/b]

if you download the songs, please let me know what you think :)
happy listening!

[b][u]track listing:[/u][/b]
----(part one 38mb)----
the strokes - 12 51 (live at eurockeennes).mp3
the strokes - alone, together (live at eurockeennes).mp3
the strokes - hard to explain (live at oxegen festival).mp3
the strokes - hawaii (live at eurockeennes).mp3
the strokes - i can't win (live on conan).mp3
the strokes - is this it (live at oxegen festival).mp3
the strokes - last night (live at oxegen festival).mp3
the strokes - new york city cops (live on mtv 2002).mp3
the strokes - reptilia (live at wireless festival).mp3
----(part two)----
the strokes - soma (live on mtv 2002).mp3
the strokes - someday (live on letterman).mp3
the strokes - the modern age (live at eurockeennes).mp3
the strokes - trying your luck (live in LA 2002).mp3
the strokes - whatever happened (live on conan).mp3
the strokes - you only live once (live at oxegen festival).mp3

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