Q&A With the band.

Jun 21

Q&A With the band.

Posted by cjb88 on

i'm not sure how this would work in practice, but hey, i'm just the idea man...

just a little section like the 'Ask Me Anything' on the main site, which NEVER works on my p.c (the submitting questions bit)

just throwing it out there...

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where is new album an who help produce with you and will you ever release a B-side cd of covers songs that didnt make final cut?,,,, thanks

Sorry folks, only Q&Q here.

yes ! I agree. the band doesn't contribute enough to the site
Julian doesn't even have a blog page and the rest like NEVER add to theirs :[

I concur. If the band's not gonna release an album until 2010 they can at least do a Q and A every two months or so right?

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