Red Light

Jun 23

Red Light

Posted by head honcho on

How come this song isn't that popular by many strokes fans?

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This song always cheers me up..

any blood shed :geek: i'm sure nikoli feels left out then again they gave a solo play :| :geek:

It's my favorite of any Strokes song. I know that's a bold statement, but the whole song just grabs me.

i personally love it

why wouldn't be it popular? Ok, I dont know lots Strokes fans, but as far as I know, they like this song...

I love this song too.. amazing, and the lyrics superb.
It had been my absolute favorite from FIOE, for a time I used to listening to it over and over again.

[size=200]I'm totoly agree with ya [/size]:o

well i like the song it has a great beat

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