What do you Smoke And Drink?

Jul 14

What do you Smoke And Drink?

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well, i quit smoking a year ago.. my favourite brands were luckies and gauloises blue.. favourite drink: vodka

Dunhill Red and Malboro's
Weed ocassionally
no drinks thou :)

bacardi and coke
just vodka

You know, I might be kind of a beer snob myself.

-Viv(But I still think these threads are god awful.)

Marlboro reds/ lights. lucky strikes, B&H and camels

vodka and beer

[size=85]Marlboro lights & vodka.[/size]

i'll pretty much smoke/drink anything, i prefer weed and my favourite drink is probably jack & coke

i usually will only smoke cigarettes with buds when i get wasted

i smoke gold flake(indian cigarette brand)....dont drink much but i love kingfisher beer...n sumtimes some royal stag whisky!

[quote]Topher Grace:

woot woot!



lol, I'd be such a low rent margo channing if I picked up drinking and smoking.

[Margo is getting drunk at the party]
Bill Sampson: Many of your guests have been wondering when they may be permitted to view the body. Where has it been laid out?
Margo Channing: It hasn't been laid out, we haven't finished with the embalming. As a matter of fact, you're looking at it - the remains of Margo Channing, sitting up. It is my last wish to be buried sitting up.

Camel ultra lights and sake.

Can't go wrong with Jack Daniels and Coke.

[u]caaanadiaan[/u] weed and pilly


[size=80]air & apple soy juice.[/size]

[quote="seshat"]I quit smoking 41 months ago yesterday![/quote]

i tried!

I quit smoking 41 months ago yesterday. Yea, go fucking me!

lets see.

i smoke weed.
good weed.
that Cali Weed.

the liquor store near my house sells for $6 a bgass bottle of vodka.
i call it "hobo juice" cuz all the bums in the alley drink that stuff.
its 40% alcohol.
very cheap. taste like rubbing alcohol.
but it will get u and 2 of ur buddys drunk.

gotta make a shout out to my Cobra.
40oz for $1.49..
come on!
buy me 3 porfavor.

julians favorite.

im stined out of my mind right now.

Me no likee either. It takes too long to recover from the hangover.

i don't smoke, but my fav. drink is leinenkugel's beer

Marlboro Lights and I rather red wine.

heroin and whiskey!

camel lights and vodka

weed and beer

Ah, so many good drinks/beers but my fave beer would be Dos XX (hopefully it will make me a little like the most interesting man in the world, i doubt it though) and my fave cocktail would be a Zombie, oh and I don't smoke


smoke this. <a href="http://www.facebook.com/theeraincats" title="http://www.facebook.com/theeraincats">http://www.facebook.com/theeraincats</a>. Coming from the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. More like Disneyland...

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