Elton John Dissed the Strokes, is he right?

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Elton John Dissed the Strokes, is he right?

Posted by Max Fischer on

"Too retrogressive, sniffs Elton John"

They had this little blurb in this ooollllddddddd article..


Does anyone know of some article where Elton John goes more in depth than this?

I think there is always resentment when older guys see some young guys come along and play on their jungle gym.. I remember reading this book about screenwriting and the author was some guy older than George Lucas and Spielberg and he seemed to resent them because he was familiar with all the stuff they were mining from.. old movies and stuff.

I think it's kind of funny though because I think Elton John is guilty of the same crime.. his music seemed to be more old school than the music of his era.. he was more of a crooner type when in that era it was more about rock and roll bands.. maybe this is why he sees that same negative in the Strokes.. because he has that self loathing.. like most good artists..

Anyway.. I'm babbling.. this made me wonder though.. everyone says the Strokes are retro and copped everybodys stuff.. but what stuff did they really copy? Everyone says they sound exactly like someone else.. but then when I go to listen to the people they say they copied they don't sound anything like them. So what I would like to see are the songs that most sound like the strokes.. anyone that knows of a song that sounds exactly like the Strokes please post em..

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i haven't heard it in a long time but I'm positive he was being sarcastic. but then Howard and the others responded as if he wasn't. he didn't rip it off. people are just misinterpreting what he was saying, like always.

i've heard people say the strokes ripped off the fall, particularly "pay your rates": http://www.imeem.com/groups/z1LRmVhL/music/JgUu6FL1/the_fall_pay_your_ra...

i don't really hear it myself.

I'd like to hear that Howard Stern interview again.. does anyone know where that can be found? As I remember it Julian denied stealing from them.. but maybe I am misremembering. I mainly remember the guys harassing Julain on he show saying Julian did rip it off and Julian was saying he really didn't.

I think Elton John goes out of his way to sound opinionated like John Lennon was
(an idol of his), but doesn't pull it off the way Lennon did.

Anyway, when asked about the beginning of "Last Nite" sounding like Tom Petty's "American Girl," Julian said on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW: "Yeah, I sort of ripped that off."

Petty was amused in some interview I read (forget where) by how bald Julian's statement was. He later invited the Strokes to open for him for some shows, I think because he was so amused by Julian's statement.

The rest of "Last Nite" is heavily influenced be the Doors "Touch Me," I think.

The most similar sound I've heard to the Strokes is the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting For the Man," and Julian said that the VU is one group all the Strokes are in agreement about being great.
"IWFTM" >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOmZimH00oo

[quote="brittany"]i dont know i think that the beginning of tom petty's song, american girl, sounds like it may have influenced the strokes a bit.[/quote

They jacked it. Also a lot of cure baselines ect.

[quote="brittany"]i dont know i think that the beginning of tom petty's song, american girl, sounds like it may have influenced the strokes a bit.[/quote]

The funny thing is I love the Strokes and hate Tom Petty.. even the beginning of American girl.. it does sound like the Strokes. but I don't like the way it is done by Petty and do by the Strokes.. I don't understand that.. haha

The beginning of this song does remind me of the Strokes.. but Julian has a much better and cooler voice than this guy..

It would be cool to hear the Strokes cover this song though..


But didn't Julian say he wasn't familiar with Television before they made Is this IT?

[quote="Rick3001"]Yeah methinks that is just Elton being the Queen Bitch.[/quote]


There's tons of great bands out there that do, you're just not going to find them if you rely on the mainstream music media.

Yeah I always saw them as borrowing from the late 60's, early 70'- it's supposed to sound raw.

Best period of music....don't get why no other bands seem to get into that nowadays.

Elton John, pah !!!

Elton John has a note on his refrigerator that says: if i wanted it tomorrow I´d order it tomorrow.

His songs are funny but also horribly cheesy.

He also tried to get at George Michael, and that´s not ok cause george michael has written much better songs. If George Michael had said it i would think about it. Besides, anyone copies- playing a piano wasn´t actually invented by Elton John.
Oh how that pisses me off !

i dont know i think that the beginning of tom petty's song, american girl, sounds like it may have influenced the strokes a bit.

The modern age ep was imo, that could be what he was referring to. I hear more of a late 80's/90's alternative rock influence on the LPs as opposed to 60's garage/70's punk.

Yeah methinks that is just Elton being the Queen Bitch. Artists are especially sensitive; and older people generally have a natural disdain for younger dudes, as they remind them of how old they are.

Elton did make some bomb ass music in his day tho.

I will check those out, OneArmedHulk. Thanks for the reply.. Yeah.. I can definitely see influences and stuff like that.. but I think everyone is like that. Everyone has influences and that kind of thing.. the only thing different about the Strokes is that they are really good. And why is it ok to have really recent influences but not older influences?

Bleh... people always confuse me.. the talented people always get criticized and the losers are celebrated.. it's very strange.

Nice Work!
I think they could EASILY cover these but I don't think of them as ripping off the sound as much as I see them paying homage to their influences:
Iggy Pop - The Passenger : Is This It
The Cars - Magic (without the synth) : Room on Fire

Maybe this list is moreso songs I would LIKE to hear them cover and if that's the case, add The Doors - Soul Kitchen. I think Fab would DOMINATE on certain parts of John's drumming. Julians voice in early B-Side resembles Jim. Rays organ could be reproduced by Nickolai fairly easy I wold assume. I would also love to hear Nick shred the guitar solo in Nirvana - Come As You Are circa the $2 Bill show.

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