The Power of this Album

Ago 30

The Power of this Album

Posted by LoganzRun on

This album thrives on musical presentation. The Lo-Fi production gives all the songs a powerful, meaningful full. Songs like The Modern Age, Hard To Explain, and Someday all carry with them a wonderfully nostalgic feel that isn't the same on the other two albums. It sounds like this album was created a long time ago but at the same time it appeals to you in the here and now. It's kind of like discovering an old band that has great music that you can really relate to. Is This It just carries with it powerful emotions of youthfulness and vigor but at the same time maturity and nostalgia. This album will only get better with time.

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I like to call it retro-future, nostalgic music. Yeah, Is This It is an album from the future. It was sent to us by alien beings, who decided to might as well let the humans enjoy the greatest rock n roll album.

[color=#008000]and don´t only the songs i think the videos too , especially hard to explain[/color]

yeah I remember reading/hearing something that I think Julian said: that they wanted to create a record that sounded like it was made 20 years ago. it worked...beautifully.

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