An Observation...

Sep 10

An Observation...

Posted by Ipcress on

I got my bootlegs out a few days ago and was reliving early Strokes tours and this came to mind...

Remember when The Strokes were playing new songs throughout 2002? Remember the excitement and all the incorrect lyrics being posted for all of the songs? There were even tabs for most of them and Room On Fire wouldn't be officially released for another 12+ months.

Out of the fives songs they debuted to their audience throughout 2002 -- "Between Love and Hate", "Meet Me In the Bathroom", "You Talk Way Too Much", "The Way It Is", "I Can't Win" -- the only ones that sound similar to the way they did live are "You Talk Way Too Much", "I Can't Win" and "The Way It Is". Granted, it shouldn't matter if they sound like they do live (especially since we don't constantly get to hear them live), however, the quality of the versions that made the album speaks volumes. Even now, you can tell that some of them were written long before the rest of the album because they stand out. The only exception would really be "Between Love and Hate" (which was known as "Ze Newie" back then). It had an intro (before the beginning of the album version), a faster tempo and the song benefited from it. It was raw. Somehow, they got carried away with it and cut the intro, slowed the tempo down and added percussion too high into the mix. "Meet Me In the Bathroom" was a lot faster than it is on the album, but the rest of it sounds just as raw as it did. The other three I mentioned sound the same. If you listen to "You Talk...", "The Way..." and "I Can't Win" try to hear the difference when compared to the thicker songs ("What Ever Happened"/"Reptilia"/"Under Control"/"TEHNE"). I wouldn't be surprised if at least 1 or 2 of the 5 were written during the Is This It sessions.

Has anyone else noticed this?


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