Holy crap I can't belive no one picked up on this.

Oct 12

Holy crap I can't belive no one picked up on this.

Posted by SecondBannana on

I was cruising myspace and I decided to check out The Strokes myspace. I see on their top friends the band "Nickel eye" I instantly knew what it was. It was Nikolai's side project. I listened to all the songs. (Personally not my taste) here is where I flipped out. This is the first paragraph of his bio on the page

"Nickel Eye is the side project of The Strokes' bassist Nikolai Fraiture. A full-length album, "The Time of the Assassins", will be released Jan 13th on Rykodisc. [u]The Strokes have collectively agreed to take a break until February 2009[/u]. Until then: Enjoy!"

So now there is a date set for when the group is getting back together. Fuck!

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[color=#008000]too late , everybody knows [/color]

wait i am confused. what does this mean???
so what is an estimation of when the new album will come out?
AHHHH! i am so anxious, i want to know!

this is nuts... what is goin on with these guys the have a big thing goin and then now there not doin anything till next spring ,,if anything... this sucks

I'm glad we now know the date for which they'll get together, but I'm more interested in finding out who the producer on the next album will be. And I also hope they don't spend 9 months recording like they did with First Impressions. An 09 summer release would be cool.

I second that.

I won't speak for everyone but i think that's because the main feeling here is that noone cares.

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