jekyll and hyde settings

Nov 04

jekyll and hyde settings

Posted by weenmen on

does any one have a good shot of nick or alberts pedal board or know what setting their jekyll and hyde is set to?

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Pity, I'm not getting a new amp anytime soon anyway so my 15 watt has to suffice. in that thing of Alberts a lot drive is overdrive because its jekyll, and the 2nd thing is hyde. for tone i adjusted the treble on Hyde and for eq i put the mid where it should be for hyde.


- Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive
- 2 MXR Micro Amp
- Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
- Delay Pedal

- Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive
- 2 MXR Micro Amps (one for louder solos, one for lower volume)
- Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
- Demeter Tremulator
- Vox Bulldog Distortion Pedal.
- Footswitch

Nick uses the distortion on his fender hot rod deville 212 amp on 'the end has no end' and the Strokes went from using the Silver Jekyll & Hyde to using the Red ones (with an added bass boost switch). Heres an e-mail Albert sent to a fan who asked this years ago,
i saved it to my p.c when i heard they were gonna mess around with the message board...

[b]"hey man,

for my sound i use the green jekyll a lot drive at 9 oclock tone 5
oclock volume at is drived at 10.30 tone at 8 eq at 7
volume at 2 oclock

nicks distortion for the end has no end is amp distortion on the neck
pick up with the tone robe rolled all the way off...have fun if u have
any question write back

albert jr."[/b]

[midday = 12:00 like a clock face]



The first one was better looking!
this one looks like a toy!
but whatever! it sounds good

Thats funny, the V2's (I'm assuming thats what you have if you got it recently) are made to cut feedback and fuzz. Are you playing near anything like say a computer, or perhaps too close to your amp? Both of those generate alot of feedback when the pickups are near them.

latley i have been getting a lot of feedback from my J&H. did this ever happen to you and if so how do you fix it?

thank you, it sounds great. :)

You're hardpressed to find a shot of his settings, and obviously it depends on the song.

I'll show you my settings for the song The End Has No End, where he uses mainly the overdrive and not so much distortion.


In the photo the lights are not on because it is not plugged in, but both the Overdrive and Distortion should be used. Also note bass boost is on and the distortion setting is on Blunt.

You must, MUST use the Neck Pickup to get the sound. It is as accurate as I can gt, and its very close. However, I own a '54 stratocaster, so I think the little difference in sound comes in because the tone of the Semi-hollow Epiphone Riviera Nick uses, and the fact that I have 3 50's styled pickups and that he has P94 Humbuckers.

If you want to know the settings for any others I'll fiddle with it to figure out, but I can't guarantee exactness because Valensi also has a dual distortion pedal and 2 amp pedals.

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