"how weird are you?" thread

Feb 01

"how weird are you?" thread

Posted by thestrokesfan01 on

im so weird that i am able to jump off a building without equipment, also im so weird that i am able to go to the library naked... :lol: :oops: :shock:

just imagine that!!

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everybody in my class (university) tell me that im weird 'cus i don't talk to anyone there, and when i talk i say something really funny or somethin' really stupid, but i just don't like talking to ppl ....i have enough friends...
is that make me weird?

i talk to myself in second person.
but thats not THAT wierd i don't think.
right? :shock:

you guys are not weird.

I don't like to socialize. People are never good enough for me.

"I'm tired of being so judgemental of everyone"

yeah, I'm depressed.

Not good enough.

I'm so weird that i regularly fantasise about inanimate objects

I'm so weird, I'd lace tangela with acid and lie to little Asian girls so that they tell me that they like to have anal sex in every part of the house.

No one can top that.

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