Suggestions to the Band- 4th Album

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Suggestions to the Band- 4th Album

Posted by Corybaby28 on

Does anyone have any suggestions to The Strokes in terms of what they should do with their fourth album?

Personally, I was pleased to hear Julian say they have a little "Thin Lizzy" influence in their new tunes... I really look forward to hearing that classic sound. My suggestion would be to utilize Albert Hammond Jr.'s talents. I really enjoy his side projects and he has a beutiful voice. They should definitley utilize him with some back-up vocals at least. It would be cool to hear two of them do a song with a "duet-like" feel... kinda like "Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men".

That would ideal to me... what would you suggest to them???

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i dont think it will be a brilliant idea to have albert and julian doing a duet for the next coming album..
at least not in an album..
True!albert's side project is fantastic. my favourite is [i]Scared[/i]. i love albert's side project. but that's his side project. a side project stays a side project.

The Strokes and AHJ are two different music makers.
both are fantastic in their own different ways.
and i believe we dont have to tell the strokes how the album should be done.
reason is, all the past 3 albums, they did it their way and they totally ROCKED OUR WORLDS!

and each 5 of them have their own roles to play. we dont need two vocals in a great band!
julian has his own way with his vocals which never failed to bring a one-of-a-kind vibe to every song. and albert has always been a fabulous guitar guy!!

go strokes!!!!

most of their tunes are really really well produced , i just found room on fire strange because half of it was done really well and the other half a bit crap , i suppose it was cos they prob rushed it.

I remember having live versions of MMITB , YTWTM, reptilia, i cant win and the way it is, ages before the album was released and i was dead excited about eventually hearing them on record , but was i bit dissapointed , the production doesnt do those tunes justice. For example on i cant win , the guitar is way to clean and pussy sounding, listen to the live version on conan its fuckn amazing

matty --- exactly. for some reason I get a bigger kick out of their demos/outtakes etc. Even bsides hawaii and i'll try anything once... pure amazingness. i think that once they go through production they lose some of their power. I really can't explain why I feel that way. but for instance check out this peel session if you haven't before:

it's a good show of how bodacious these guys get when they're just going at it.

I hope they carry on with the FIOE policy, its my fave album of all time , it just was a bit to long and had 4 average tunes on it, but after to listining to tracks like ize of world it makes tracks like NYCC seem a bit dull.

Room on fire is strange because some of the songs are their best produced work they have done(automatic stop , 1251, end has no end) but on others i thinks it sort of sucked the life out of em , and the live versions sound better like YTWTM , MMITB,i cant win,under control

The production on the way it is is terrible, the demo sounds better
and considering how good a tune reptilia is the production is a bit dull , alberts guitar is way to quiet in the chorous , its one of the most beautiful guitar lines ever

On the topic of a duet, like "Modern Girls and old Fashioned Men," I think it would be awesome if they brought in another guest female singer. My choice would be Binki Shapiro, I'm absolutely obsessed with her vocal tracks in Little Joy. IDK though, Little Joy's sound is obviously something completely different, so maybe her voice wouldn't work with the Strokes. Besides, she's dating Fab, so they'd be "keeping it in the family" so-to-speak.

Just in case you haven't seen Little Joy's DUMBO session. You'll see why I'm still obsessed:

another room on fire would be siiiiickk

agreed. or even to sound like room on fire for that matter. first impressions was a sidestep, not that that's bad, it just sounds maybe... too clean/overproduced?

Well i also think they should use albert´s talents, but i´m used too hear only julian´s voice, but what i really want the fourth album to sound like the first album.

They should just do what they do best, be The Strokes. If anyone should know it's them. I took a pic the other day and i've been fancying it as something they'd do for a cover. Maybe? If you want to see it's this:


After giving it some thought, I trully think the strokes could do something they havn't done in the past... work on their 'bridges'.

As a song writer I trully to recognize the strokes for their great talents in both song writing, and performing for that matter.

They have recieved a lot of criticism for having 'repetitive" riffs and what have you.. I think they could benefit a lot by having very versatile bridges. For example, they could not only change the key on bridge, but really slow down (or speed up) the Tempo as well. Almost make the sound of the bridge sound like a completly different song... but knowing the strokes, I think they could still make it fit...

This is a fairly complex idea, sorry if you find it hard to follow.

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