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Mayo 06

Style of Music

Posted by Kieran on

Who else thinks that the music should be more like Is This It rather than Room on Fire or First Impressions of Earth? I know that Julian said that it's going to be 70s/Future-ish, but I'd like to see some tracks more like from Is This It.

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what i love about the strokes is how they move forward and expand and grow with each album.

the writing style gets different, grows more mature,etc... each album, and i'm sure the fourth album will be no exception. i liked the matured sound of fioe, but i do like the way the guitar parts played off of each other in isi. i really don't think the fourth album will sound like either though. just like fioe doesn't sound really anything like isi or rof, it sounds simply like the strokes.

i like all their songs.ang i do think iti a great album,but for some reason i like room on fire better.cuz i feel it more emotional and warmer.any way the molody and lyrics are the reason i like them guys.and i believe they will bring us a nice record like an old friend hasn't seen for really long.

i think anything the strokes do will be great.

i have faith in them!!!

I remeber when I first heard of THE STROKES. I was searching for a new song to listen to. I was looking on some underground music site when I was like 12 and wanted to download the song Is This It. I listened to that song a million times. The Strokes have the coolest sound to me. I can't wait till there new album is released. There style is one of a kind. They are amazing!

Hmm, I love Is This It but some of my favourite Strokes songs come from ROF and FIOE..I think, whatever they create with their 4th album will be satisfying, but lets not forget Is This It is fucking genius so it's hard for them to expand beyond that, but, saying that, they will write some excellent stuff this 4th album when you consider majority started side projects so will be willing to bring heaps more to the table then ever before. I didn't realise Nikolai was such an awesome song writer, and Albert has the nicest voice and most amazing guitar skills. They are The Strokes, the 4th album, whatever form it takes will be a good one.

there are so many bands that are influenced by the sound of ITI, you could always check them out if you're looking for new music with that kind of sound.

the strokes are onto something new now, and it could be even better. and future bands will probably be influenced by this fourth album as well. the strokes are just one of those influential bands.

i agree, i mean i liked all the albums but i think that is this it is the best

well, its hard to say, as much as i love is this it, i think the strokes should move foward.

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