The Strokes fourth album

Jun 15

The Strokes fourth album

Posted by Darthmcfly on

HONESTLY! I have listened to every song by the Strokes!
I mean easily my favorite band.
Almost every song is a masterpiece using the angst of what young adults feel and how their feelings and contained.
I mean Julian Casablancas writing is amazing and everyone in the band contributes always with there amazing musical talents.

So as everyone else on this forum I am dying for the next album!

Anything anyone can tell me would be tight!

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I seriously can't wait for the next album, and especially the tour. I am planning on taking some time off work during the tour and following them a bit in the Western U.S. :D I may take a semester off in graduate school as well. I am being serious!

Mmm fourth album.

I've been watching Strokes live at Oxegen 2006 all day, so much so that I have almost over-listened to them.

In saying that I will probably listen to them again tomorrow. Erghhhh I want them to release a song, just do end the ambiguity towards this album. Though I'm kinda glad they didn't make an album really quickly and then tour the end of this year because of my exams would have clashed with tour dates. =)

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