lets talk about the strokes hiatus

Jun 19

lets talk about the strokes hiatus

Posted by 1taperedjeanindiefag on

Jules - the music for that 'little girl' shit is lame but the lyrics are cool, plus his parts in "my drive thru" were pretty awesome. even though pharrel and santogold are gay. all in all he just spent his time watching the jets and getting fat like any true new yorker

Fab- I have a new found respect for. i just thought he was a hyper active dude that said stupid shit in interviews but that little joy record is absolutley amazing. musically he did the most good on the hiatus.

Albert - is obsessed with himself. opened for incubus and coldplay. biiiig fucking deal. both his albums are lame and watered down. he needs to stick with what got him there...and maybe branch out and do background harmonies on strokes shit...hes playing the "producer" (the postelles) role and fucking some super model from england. i can see him quitting the strokes if he hasn't already

Nikolai - keeps it real. his solo shit is alright, he tours the country in a tiny ass van which is cool. his voice is weak but hes not a singer anyways

Nick- played pretend drums in the "no ones better sake" video which was exciting to see. plus just being associated and working with devendra means hes a cool guy. he probably spent his hiatus in LA being a dad and thinking he was better than everyone

lets get on with this record. im ready for this new strokes. talk amongst yoursleves. I would bet money this thread starts a pissing war.

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