Greatest lines evar

Sep 09

Greatest lines evar

Posted by Max Fischer on

[b]Phrazes for the Young: Out of the Blue:[/b] "I'm going to hell in a leather jacket/at least I'll be in another world while you're pissing on my casket"

[b]The Time of the Assassins: Back from Exile:[/b] "Hello mothe-fuckers, cuz I'm back from exile."

I believe tha same person wrote both these lines... so if you had to pick one person to have written both of them who would you choose.. Julian or Nikolai?

I actually don't think they sound like Julian...

But maybe they are from both of them and it's just because they are buddies that they are on the same wavelength and could both put out lines this genius...

I like to think they are both from Julian though and he is pissed and coming back to music with a vengeance.

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