Turn-of-the-Century "indie" or today's?

Nov 08

Turn-of-the-Century "indie" or today's?

Posted by Eric080 on

Since we're all Strokes fans, I was wondering which type of "indie" you guys preferred. Or at least non-mainstream rock. I've been on a garage-type kick recently since I've been listening to the Caesars (Jerk it Out), The Hives (although I don't particularly like them), The Vines, Interpol (at least post-punk), Von Bondies, White Stripes, etc. and of course as always, The Strokes :D

I don't really care for the way "indie" has turned though, at least during the mid 2000s. A lot of it is primarily acoustic, pretentious stuff. I've tried but haven't been able to get into acts like Iron & Wine, Arcade Fire, Dirty Projectors (whose new album is actually solid, but strange), et al. Now it seems near the end of the decade that indie has really gone electronic which I don't mind. That seismic shift was probably introduced by The Postal Service and The Rapture then the Killers brought it to mainstream radio, maybe Daft Punk too. I kind of like the direction now with Crystal Castles, Crocodiles, Cut Copy, Passion Pit, Klaxons, etc.

So I'm just asking for your guys' taste. Do you prefer the garage-influenced indie of the early 2000s, the folk-influenced indie of the middle 2000s, or the electronic-influenced indie of the late 2000s?

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