Thanks to Julian.....

Nov 15

Thanks to Julian.....

Posted by Max Fischer on

I wanted to Thank Jules for all he is doing for his fans. Not long ago, before Jules announced his solo project, I had posted about how I wished the Strokes did more to include their fans and try to take advantage of all the resources available to do something really exciting. And it's as if Jules read my mind and took what I was saying and took it to a level I couldn't even imagine.

I just really love how he is doing all this cool stuff involved with his solo project -- the box set.. the cool Disney type shows.. the cool website with all kinds of little hidden surprises.. the preview.. all the art work. the christmas song.. the TV spot and video coming out. I wish the Strokes had been doing this kind of stuff all along.

I wonder why they weren't? Is this something Julian had wanted to do all along but the rest of the band didn't? Or did Julian change?

Anyway.. I love it.. and I think Julian is really a creative genius. I love his vision for this whole thing and I hope he keeps it up and can push it even further.. I feel like he is raising the artform to new levels in all aspects and even creating all new dimensions...


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Good luck! Be sure to show me any art you do. I'm excited to see it! :D

I'll take your advice, and thank you so much :)

On twitter they said they read all the messages they get on there.. I think you can post pics on there too somehow.

You know what kind of art I bet Jules would like best? Maybe something inspired by his music? I think fans like us may appreciate pics of Jules the most where as imagine if you were a miscian and some one sent you pictures of yourself... I hate pictures of myself haha

But you did an amazing job though so he might still like it. Juliet would probably love it :D

I used a regular pencil, I've done lots of drawings of him :) guess he inspires me...
I thought about sending some I'd like him to have, but never found his mailbox adress :( and they look better in paper than in computer (plus I wanted to send a big thank you letter for him to know some girl at the other end of the world admires him)...
you think he'd see it if I send them threw twitter or his site? that'd be awesome! I don't really now how to do that anyway :oops:


Did you make that? That is really awesome.. what did you use to make that? Watercolor? Pencil? PC?

You should send it to Julian.. on twitter or on his website.. really great job

agree on that theory too,
and maybe these days are better to get [i]creative[/i] like his doing now, maybe they felt that back then they had to be like more [i]underground[/i]

I feel like now it's time for expressing whatever crazy artistic idea your mind creates, I'm going for it too: ;)

I can understand them not wanting to look like sellouts.. but I always felt there could have been some creative way they could have done stuff and not sellout at the same time. I think Jules is doing that now. I think Jules might feel ok doing it now because their popularity died down quite a bit. It;s like before they were trying to play hard to get and now they are trying to woo us again.. haha

PS: I love the fact that he's doing all of these for us (his fans) too :)

I guess it's cause as they always said, they didn't want to be in the media and be all commercial, if you know what I mean... that's why they didn't do photo shoots as Julian is doing now, I guess he grew out of all of that; but they always said that they wanted people to judge them by their music and not by their looks, and they wanted us to get to know them by their music and not by being all over magazines and tv shows...
I suppose now that he's well-known around the world that doesn't make much sense :roll:

haha yes I did.Don't ruin it!lol

[quote]and Max Fischer I [b]finally[/b] agree with u[/quote]

You just had to throw that in didntchya.. lol

I think Julian Just grew out of his "Im too cool for this shit phase"
and Max Fischer I finally agree with u.I LOVE Julian for doing all this stuff for us fans too.

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