Does anyone else feel kind of Guilty

Nov 22

Does anyone else feel kind of Guilty

Posted by troywilliams on

This morning (everything seemed so wrong) i was listening to some tunes and i had it on shuffle, the strokes came up and i felt kind of guilty in a weird way like if your 2 best friends are arguing and your forced to pick sides NAHH WHUT I MEAN YO!

Lol, basicly i miss the strokes and it feels weird now listening to them im still hoooked to julians album but it shouldent feel strange listening to the strokes they need to realize that they've got fans, they wanted all of this and they gotta accept the fact that ppl rely on them for amazing music. im not upset with julian of course he gave us an amazing album and he's said plenty of times that hes waiting and ready for the rest of the guys to call him up n start recording. how long must we and julian wait :(

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i thought FIOE was a mature, well thought out album. i didnt hear that they were getting on eachothers nerve at all... :roll:

I am worried that the music will be muddled now though. Like the guys won't be able to mesh properly and have a clear vision. I think that is what happened to First Impressions of Earth as well. Hopefully you are right though!

i tottally agree with you Max i know what ya mean. i just hope that everyone is frresh and they make the new album without that feeling of being closed in and locked down. there shouldent be any reason why we cant get an amazing album out of them. somthing thats unmistakebly the strokes yet unmistakebly fresh.

When I listen to album 2 and 3 of the strokes now it seems like Julian and the rest of the guys are locked into doing something they don't want to do anymore.. and that feeling comes out in the music.

And the opposite is true of Phrazes.. in Phrazes it sounds like Julian is free again and you hear that same kind of joy and optimism you could hear in ITI.

yaaaaay! :lol:

oh man i get ya on that i dont want to but i do. BUTT theres still hope for the strokes, julian and the guys can take it two ways with new more gigantic monster dookie egos. or with fresh new ideas. hopefully we get this one more strokes album and some julian albums as well in the future. thats thinking realistically. if i had it my way julian would put out solo albums til hes dead and same for the strokes.

I feel like I am over the Strokes. I think Julian took that as far as he could. I honestly feel like now that he was slumming. I think Phrazes shows that he is ready for more. Phrazes is what the Strokes second and third albums should have been IMO. I just feel like there is too much water under the Strokes bridge.. it's like a bad marriage that is too far gone.

it means what it means lol, its nothing bad. also ive never been in a chat room so that was a wanna be troy, i am the only Troy.


wats that mean?

LOL werent you from the chatroom? very happy to see old faces... you are very welcome! ;)

? i have no idea what your trying to say, ive been around. hey lets keep on topic its really somthing that concerns me lol jeez i feel like your exciting to be around in person based on that response

:lol: [size=200]TROY!!!!????????? WTF HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!?![/size]

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