Does anyone else feel kind of Guilty

Nov 22

Does anyone else feel kind of Guilty

Posted by troywilliams on

This morning (everything seemed so wrong) i was listening to some tunes and i had it on shuffle, the strokes came up and i felt kind of guilty in a weird way like if your 2 best friends are arguing and your forced to pick sides NAHH WHUT I MEAN YO!

Lol, basicly i miss the strokes and it feels weird now listening to them im still hoooked to julians album but it shouldent feel strange listening to the strokes they need to realize that they've got fans, they wanted all of this and they gotta accept the fact that ppl rely on them for amazing music. im not upset with julian of course he gave us an amazing album and he's said plenty of times that hes waiting and ready for the rest of the guys to call him up n start recording. how long must we and julian wait :(

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