How many of you...

Nov 30

How many of you...

Posted by hello Headphones on

Are from the old message board?

five years ago I used to be on this board like everyday.There used to be a lot of cool people on this board like FabAlbert. All the disscussions were so Strokes centralized. But then in like 2006(I think aroud there)this place kind of fell apart. Now in 2009 I though I'd check back here, and doesn't seem like much has gotten better. Who else misses what this place use to be?

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I just don't think I can move on until I see how exactly the Strokes have changed (in what ways). I mean I loved everyone of their last records, but they havn't had any activity as a band lately so I guess only the next record will show really how they've changed.

That made perfect sense.. that's how I see it too!

yeah i could see that too, the new strokes arnt taking them selves SOOOO seriously, not that being that way is bad but i feel like they're just living they're life and they make music, b4 they're life was 100% music, but now they dont have anything to proove they just doo what they dooo ya know not trying anymore im starting to get lost in my own thoughts you get my point

It's funny though because I could see the old Strokes not liking the new Strokes and same with their fans..

im from the old bord but i had a diffrent name, i wonder how many are from the old one. i enjoy that the guys have changed, diffrent isnt a bad thing.

Maybe it's you that changed? Like maybe you are getting older and need to move on or something?

I think part of it is that the Strokes are changing. They aren't the same people they used to be so it makes sense their fans would change, too.

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