Are The Strokes the Best Band Ever?

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Are The Strokes the Best Band Ever?

Posted by strokes1 on

Personally, I think The Strokes are the best band ever. For me they're better than Led Zep, The Beatles, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Velvet Underground or any other band with a significant argument. The Stokes are the closest that any band will ever get to perfection. Discuss ;)

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That's not very christmasy of you Tika! :P Can't you even be nice to Julian for me on Christmas? I will pretend Albert is great for you. hehe

Albert is pretty great for a lowly human though. Julian just happens to be an alien. :D

Nope, the Beatles are better.Beirut's pretty epic also,the beats is best for then and beirut is best for now. The strokes are pretty sick, but BEST? hell no, albert hammond, jr.s better (lets hear it max) ;P

you're giving me too much credit. . .
okee dokee


Judging from his/her poor attempt at a sweeping, philisophical review of the place of The Kilers in modern music, Mr/Mrs Engineer is clearly a big fan of The Killers!

I think a lot of people will back me up in saying that they don't make beautiful music anymore and that they've been a bit of a let down since Hot Fuss. A few decent tracks can be found on their latest album but it's the drivel which surrounds these songs which is the problem. I don't think the work of The Killers deserves to be described as art. However, I do appreciate that they are decent musicians and if you like them, then good luck with that!

I'm not going to dignify your attempted put-down with any kind of reaction but I'd like to suggest that, in the future, you don't throw yourself into debate and portray yourself as some kind of genius with a higher understanding of music and art than anyone else: you're not.

PS: thanks luiszstk08 :)

I think The Strokes are still not the best band ever but they have the potential to be and I love them!! and I agree with strokes1 The Strokes are much better the The Killers ;)

strokes1 doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

The Killers make beautiful music.
Some people like (strokes1), don't know change.
They can't tell one thing from the other.
and people who don't have the ability to understand the concept of different pieces of art don't deserve to be convinced.
otherwise, they'll be a continuous supply of inaccurate and well, stupidly arranged criticism.

Like Humbug by Arctic Monkeys.
it's the inexperienced puppy love teens (generally) who hate it.
But it's such a grand achievement.
They don't know the unity of their pieces such as lyrics, rhythmics, melodies, etc.
Usually what they are guided by is a three minute listen.
Uneducated critics say that because their previous album isn't detectable in their current they have failed.
and clearly that's not the case. But it bears down to the fact that they don't understand numbers and sequences in the first place.

A more convenient example is that of Julian's
almost every critic says: "well, it doesn't sound like Is This It so I don't like it!"
but we know that PFTY is indeed a great album.
and we know that Is This It (being a "time capsule") makes them feel like they did when they were misguided crazy little sugar bullet teens.
Clearly criticism is a butchered business with the power to make or break an artist. sadly.
Generally the music business is no longer the MUSICIAN'S business.

But an artist with beautiful works being spat upon due to their lack of resemblance to their latter work really pisses me off.
It almost ruins the opportunity of having more listeners. So please guys, those interested in listening to the Killers.
Listen to them for yourself. If you care, you'll understand.
There's nothing wrong with loving hits. so there you go. (=

I don't know what else to say.

and strokes1, don't worry.
you'll get it one day. I BELIEVE IN YOU! ;)

naaaaaaaa, the killers have lost it!

[quote="strokes1"]If you knew anything about music you would surely acknowledge that Sam's Town was a poor album; a classic case of a decent band failing to follow up the success of their first album.[/quote]

That's a little harsh isn't it :D

I would say Sam's Town is a bit of a let down, but I can't quite go there because it contains my two favorite Killers songs: Read my Mind and When You Were Young, in that order. Still, Hot Fuss is the most consistently great album. Even tracks like On Top and Change Your Mind were pretty sweet.

Thanks Eric! I will checks those out! :)

If you knew anything about music you would surely acknowledge that Sam's Town was a poor album; a classic case of a decent band failing to follow up the success of their first album.

Sam's Town was a weird album. Some people didn't like the Springsteenish-element, but I didn't think it overwhelmed the album. Kind of like First Impressions, there are fantastic singles mixed in with a couple clunkers. Still a bunch of traditional Killers synth work on some of those songs. Day and Age was solid top to bottom. I think it shows that they've matured a little bit, but Hot Fuss is still my favorite by far.

Hey Max, if you're not familiar with the Killers, check out Read my Mind, For Reasons Unkown, Smile Like You Mean it, Change Your Mind, and Jenny was a Friend of Mine (do this one first 8-) ). Should be a good starting point :D

Yes. I know this because my friends hate and my friends have an awful taste in music.

[quote="strokes1"]'Sam's Town' was the beginning of The Killers downturn, there are some seriously poor songs and lyrics on that album. The Strokes, however, have consistently meaningful songs which all do what is required.[/quote]

That's because you don't understand music. Period.
Well, that's how it was for me. Then I really listened to the album.
I was embarrassed to say that the album was not an achievement.
But you'll more than likely figure it out. (= I know it's hard with music sometimes.

I wouldn't say ever.but of my life span YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! haha


'Sam's Town' was the beginning of The Killers downturn, there are some seriously poor songs and lyrics on that album. The Strokes, however, have consistently meaningful songs which all do what is required.

The first killers album was a little bit to mainstream indie for me , it wasn't very original at the time . I really liked Sams Town though , they sort of carved their own sound on that record. I love "river is wild"

Maybe the sentence "Are we human or are we dancer" means something to them, we can't know for shure.

The Killers were one of my favourite bands like 4 years ago. I liked their first two albums but now I kinda ignore them. My favourite songs were "All These Things That I've Done" "Smile Like You Mean It" "Jenny" "For Reasons Unknown" and "When You Were Young". Everytime I hear these songs again I get some weird feeling in my stomach, probably nostalgia or something.

The Killers' first album, 'Hot Fuss', was great. Since then, their lyrics have become meaningless and frankly annoying: 'Are we human, or are we dancers'. What more do I need to say?

I would say the the best band ever is the Rolling Stones , jagger was a very very underated lyricist , he had the best way of saying something in just 1 line "Rape , murder its just a shot away, love , its just a kiss away" Gimme Shelter is my fave song of all time , I think iv listened to it everyday for the last 5 years.
When i listen to the stones loud it really creates a mad dark euphoric feeling inside of me , makes me want to just go out and go crazy lol

Eric, what are your favorite Killers songs? I am not that familiar with them.

I'll probably get a lot of flak for this, but I personally favor The Killers over The Strokes :D

Strokes are a real close second for me. Just never gets old. Sans a few of the clunkers on First Impressions, I have their entire discography on iTunes and have listened to them extensively :lol:

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