Guys! Check this out!

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Guys! Check this out!

Posted by Max Fischer on

Holy crap... I just saw something.. I was watching a commercial on TV.. it was for the military -- the marine corps.. and the Marines uniform had the EXACT same pattern on their jacket sleeve as Julian has on this leather jacket in this video!



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That's what I thought. lol

I thought it would be awesome if they cast the band and the video at the same time.. so it's like Julian's whole solo production is one and the same.. and the actors can play the instruments and the bandmates can act in the video... LOL

That would be so cool.

That way it's like the performances oin tlak shows and live are part of the video too... it's like one big stage production. Maybe that's why Julian wanted to perform in "theaters" too...

There we go! (= you're good.

by the way, in the 11th dimension teaser, does the man who slaps the chain on the floor look like the drummer?

TE... it's a US marine corps jacket.. check it out...

Thanks TE. :D


[quote]Exclusive first showing of the new video from Julian Casablancas and extra behind the scenes footage launches ONLY on Babelgum
Independent web and mobile video content platform Babelgum is pleased to announce the exclusive premiere of the video for “11th Dimension”, the first single from Julian Casablancas debut solo album ‘Phrazes for the Young’ on Wednesday 23rd December.

A teaser for the video is available to view on Babelgum from today! A four and a half minute journey through different time periods and an alternate dimension, the video was directed by Warren Fu, based on a concept by Casablancas. The premise is loosely inspired by Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, in which the protagonist must face a unique moral dilemma in each setting, but is essentially about the subconscious mind, tying in thematic elements from ‘Phrazes For The Young’. Fu first teamed up with Casablancas on the acclaimed alternate video for The Strokes “You Only Live Once”. [b]All the artwork for and around Phrazes for the Young (including the ‘11th Dimension’ video) is a culmination of a year long collaboration between Casablancas and Fu, a former Lucasfilm art director.[/b] In addition to this highly anticipated video, viewers will be able to watch extra special behind the scenes footage, only on Babelgum. A true festive treat for all! Phrazes for the Young was released through Cult Records/Rough Trade on November 2nd. Featuring eight brand new songs written by Julian Casablancas, the album was recorded over the last 12 months with studio work completed in Los Angeles, New York City and Nebraska and produced by Jason Lader with additional production by Mike Mogis.

[b]Don't be a coconut... god is trying to talk to you![/b]

He was actually referring to the CD...but he's still a complete loon.

I don't mean to ruin the moment Max,
but, the coat is a military british navy coat. I think.
It's not chinese. Sorry )=
So what's up?

OK all-knowing all-seeing person...

Why did Julian have the Chinese symbols on his CD? Just because it looked cute?

Prepare to be disappointed.

So then why do you read my threads?

I think it's funny you think symbolism is such a far out idea.. artists use these kinds of things all the time. Julian and the Strokes don't perform that much and don't put out that much material.. if he didn't put at least this kind of thought into what he does I would be pretty disappointed.. especially considering how Julian says a lot of cryptic things in interviews about his music.

Yeah, he skinned a cow for the jacket and used the rest of the carcass for sustenance. Probably rides into his penthouse apartment on the wings of a bald eagle, which would explain the feathers. I mean, fuckin' seriously, man. He's a rock star, not a shaman. He dresses eccentrically. You're making it more difficult to enjoy this guy's music.

So tonight on Jimmy Fallon Julian was wearing Indian feathers in his hair and has a custom leather jacket made in the style of a Marine jacket.. come on now.. there has to be some symbolism here.. I'm convinced, at least!

I thought it was the opposite...subliminally mocking the military.. and the US way of doing things.

Julian is subliminally supporting the military.

Is that also a military jacket?

I am thinking there may be a lot more symbolism with Julian wearing these military jackets than I ever realized (I thought he just wore them to look cool)! Especially when you look at what Phrazes is about -- the larger world issues. Julian said that 11th Dimension was like a decoding ring for the rest of the Phrazes songs... I feel like Phrazes is a decoding ring for ALL of Julian's work..

This one is also similar.


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