Are there any girls here?

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Are there any girls here?

Posted by Max Fischer on

There is this girl that I am friends with and I am wondering if she likes me more than just as a friend.. how do girls let guys know they like them without saying it?

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aww max.don't worry she'll come around when your ready.Don't feel pressured to have a girlfriend just cus.thats always a mistake.I dated this one guy just cus all my friends had boyfriends but I didn't even like him.I regret'm just waiting for college now.The boys at my school are all laaaaame!

Sometimes I wonder if I am ready for a real girlfriend or even dating.. do you feel like that ever?

well max from what you have said , your not really close friends with this girl so i would defo go for it. If you were really close friends and she turned you down I could see how it could ruin the friendship because it would just always create a weird atmosphere not matter how much you both tried to forget about it and it would never be the same again. But if your just casual mates i think its alot easier. I shared a kiss with one of my housemates once who i was very close with and it proper ruined the friendship even though we both tried hard to forget about it.

[quote]If I'm friends with him, things are different as in easier, but he should declare himself to me first.[/quote]

What if he messes up the friendship though? So then you have to choose.. do I ruin the friendship or ruin the chance of love? and they are supposed to know this without any signs? lol

[quote="Max Fischer"]What makes it difficult too is sometimes they are being nice to you to get close to another guy you know.[/quote]

That's gotta be rough. :)

When I'm interested in a guy I tend to ignore him and sometimes I avoid being around him, because I'm always afraid he won't like me. I'm so so shy, that I do the opposite of most girls. Guys tend to find me cute, but I completely ignore most of them that come to me. I gess I have bad luck.

If I'm friends with him, things are different as in easier, but he should declare himself to me first.

Hey Matty.. you are awake.. are you in the UK?

I don't think anyone else in the US is up but me. I can never sleep -- insomnia.

20 girls in your neighborhood? lol I see what you are saying.. there are a lot of girls I think are cute around here too.. even older "women"! haha And I have thought some of them liked me too. :lol:

What makes it difficult too is sometimes they are being nice to you to get close to another guy you know.

Also, sometimes I am just really open and tell a girl she is pretty and just don't try to hide it and that seems like it backfires the worst.. so what is the secret? Play hard to get?

Well max there is gonna be no easy way of asking a girl out . Its always hard and pretty nerveracking no matter what what little tricks you do to try and make it easier. But you have to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. I think its impossible for lads to read girls as well because boys will always read to much into little things , I think there are about 20 girls on my street who want to marry me lol

It's difficult though because we aren't so much friends.. just more like we know each other because we live right by each other. So I will see her around but it's hard for me to figure out a way to get to talk to her more.. too bad she's not a Strokes fan or something. But if she was she'd probably fall in love with Julian too.. then where would that leave me. haha

well Idk all girls are different.Like me,Im shy I wouldn't tell a guy I like him.and I probally wont even show it a lot..well I always Smile and laugh a lot whenever I'm with him.or also Like headphones said I try to spend as much time with yeah.hope i helped some what.haha

That is weird.. I thought you were a guy for some reason. Maybe just because seems like no girls are on here now for some reason.

But girls are so confusing because when girls have liked me in the past it seemed like they were always real shy around me and acted like they DID NOT like me. But I am real quiet (in real life) too.. so maybe that has something to do with it.

whoa that was wierd you posted this like right when I went on the board. Yeah, anyways I know my name is kind of neutral but I am a girl. And if this girl likes you she'll jump at any opportunity to spend time with you. That's one way I know, but a lot of people are different.

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