Julian on Jimmy Fallon

Dic 22

Julian on Jimmy Fallon

Posted by Max Fischer on

They have the I wish it was Christmas clip but someone who was there reported Julian does out of the Blue too..


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:shock: love. soli. mio.

Theres a few smarty pants around here! just ignore.

It was classic, almost picaresque.

i really love this album. its another litle Julian masterpiece! MUAH! KNOW IT BABY!

I love this version of Out of the blue.
and I also loved his performance of I wish it was Christmas Today.when Jimmy and Horatio went on stage that was funny.and I loved seeing Julian Smile and letting them sing along with him.he's so sweet!and I also loved the feathers in his hair! Only Jules can pull something like that off and still look cool!haha

A Christmas treat from me to all of you!
It's out of the blue


That was a lot of fun! But it is really bizarre trying to figure out how other people perceive Julian.... it's really tragic to me that when they were previewing the Fallon show earlier in the night on NBA they didn't even mention Julian but did mention Horatio Sands.. LOL I understand why... but still a sad statement on humanity IMO

That preformance was funnnn

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