Julian wants weird music?

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Julian wants weird music?

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I want the fourth album, if there will be one, to sound like Is This It, Room on Fire, or both. I like The Strokes' raw sound. First Impressions was good, but i think they could have done better than tracks like Killing Lies and Ask Me Anything. Tell me what you think. Here is what NME has about the matter.
Julian Casablancas has said that, following the release of his poppy solo album 'Phrazes For The Young', he wants to make "weird" music in the future.

The frontman told NME Radio's Jon Hillcock this morning (December 22) that, although he wasn't sure if he'd like to make more experimental music solo or with The Strokes, it was definitely an avenue he wanted to explore.

"It's definitely a place I would like to go, musically," he said. "Not electronic… you can do weird with guitars too. This ['Phrazes For The Young'] record was kind of something I needed to get out of my system, almost."

He also spoke about how he found it difficult to write music on tour.

"It's a real bummer," he said. "The touring I don't mind, I don't mind the travelling, it's great, I'll take it. Somehow there's this weird energy you need when you work on music… it always makes you want to pick up a guitar. It's a slight edge you just lose when you pick up the remote control [on tour in a hotel room]."

The interview was broadcast on NME Radio as it went live nationwide on DAB radio this morning (December 22) .

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